Weekend Recap- Easter Version

Good Friday
Jesus died for us, but thankfully three days earlier he rose. 

We left home around 12:30 and we drove to my aunt's house which is about two hours away.. 
we stopped at the hospital to see this little guy 

Jaxon Wesley was born April 17- his mom and I grew up together, I spent the afternoon there with them while hubby and Brooke went off exploring.  
Then we went to the Keg for dinner, hubby keeps saying he wanted to take us so tonight we went and oh my Land, it was incredible... I ate my first steak, I am not a steak person but this was divine. 

This dessert was called "Billy Miner Pie" ~ Amazing!
We got to my aunts around 7 pm
played with my cousin's baby boys, we had so much. 

we decided we did not want the normal Easter dinner, so we decided this year we would have the first BBQ of the season- my aunt went all out.. there were all kinds of salads, steak, hot dogs, more salads, it was soooo absolutely amazing. 
I made this 
 I will share the recipe if anyone would like it. Such a nice hot summer evening recipe. 

We came home around 4 pm
is it weird that I love to hold my hubby's hand while we drive, we chat or just sit there, listen to music or the radio but I love the closeness of being in the car with my loves. 

I Love Easter so much, it is my fav time of the year- new birth, new life and a new hope. 
We went to church this morning, we had a lot of visitors.. here are some pictures from today 
My Mom gave Brooke this Easter tree last year and it was the perfect centre piece for the day. 

After the Easter 'bunny' came- she got practical things this year, she is getting to old for fun easter presents like bubbles, sidewalk chalk etc, so this year she got:
*sketch book
*hair bows- we love our hair bows
*M &M's
and there were a couple of other things but i can't remember and i don't want to walk down stairs 

We had 28 deer in our front yard today, here you can see 3.. I really like them being around

I went to service tonight and also had to serve in the Cafe, it was nice to work with some lovely ladies

My Girlie 

This Lady is my "other" mother- she is always just a text or a phone call away, she has taken me under her wing and I love her so much. 

My Girl and I- Easter is also the day we first bring out the white shoes, skirts  etc. 
Our Pastor sang a beautiful song this morning
Here is the link 

Tomorrow is a holiday as well and we have plans with a girl friend. 

How was your weekend


  1. What a fun weekend! We had a great day at my Mom's today, especially since the weather was finally beautiful!

  2. Sounds like such a fabulous weekend! That baby is BEAUTIFUL! Hope you had the most wonderful Easter :)

    Diary of a Debutante

  3. What a beautiful little baby! Wishing you a beautiful Easter!

  4. Happy Easter, looks like you had a great weekend. What a blessing that baby is!

  5. Ooooh. A sweet baby and pie? I am totally in. That baby makes me remember mine when they were that little.

  6. Sounds like you had quite the weekend of blessings, and a new addition - just perfect!! :)

  7. aww the baby is adorable, so very precious! I hope you had a great weekend, sure looks like it was wonderful.

  8. Look at that darling baby! What an incredible blessing! And that pie - yum!

  9. That baby is adorable, that cake looks delicious and you and your daughter look as beautiful as ever! I am so happy you had a great Easter! :)


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