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Thursday morning was supposed to be just another day at work, the full time admin was off for half the day and I would fill in for her; that is until the flare up hit me at 9 pm wednesday night while still at church.
I took 2 ativan to relax my bladder and high hope of it settling down on its own, by the time I got home it was a lot worst so I gave in and took morphine which did nothing for me, I knew then I needed something more and that would require Medical personnel to help me.
Woke hubby up to take me to the ER, it was just after 1 am when I got there, the nurse I had the last 2 times so she knew me and got right to work . The nurse came in my room to get me settled, gave me a warm blanket and if pain wasn't so bad I could have slept, shortly there after the doctor came in, dr Giovanni he ordered morphine to get the pain gone, nurse came in to give me the injection in my hip, within minutes I felt a relief, I then wanted to get home so I could be ready for work by 6:30 am, they wouldn't let me go right away so when I got thome it was after 5:30 and alarm went of at 6:30, I got up and started getting ready, then the nausea hit, I puked several times and that's when I knew I wouldn't be going to work in the morning but woukld try for the afterboon, called in sick and went back to sleep. Hubby was coming home to get me for 12- while I was getting ready again I got sick so I text him and told him and we decided I'd stay home all day...

I dont mean to complain, in fact that is not my intent at all, i would love to know what triggers these attacks and how they only hit me at bed time, when i get in bed is when i feel the attacks, i don't know how my body knows its bed time and it means sleep so now we attack... 2 weeks ago i found out orange juice and oranges was a big trigger, now i am staying away from them completely, it is very hard to do because i love anything Orange, i have also stayed away from spicy foods, mexican foods, anything with acid or citrus, i am a big fruit person and i miss being able to grab and apple to snack on, the only fruit i can have now are blue berries which is fine but they get old and not in season now so there are no fresh ones. {sigh} 

I am 99% sure this was all caused by my IUD being put in, or not caused but triggered, i am still doing more research. 

Ya know this diease is a mean one, it hits you anytime it wants with no warning. I'm so tired of fighting this, there is no cure, I am ready to have my bladder removed, that's how bad this is.

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