Weekend Recap

Friday~Another great day at work...
Had a lunch date with my hunk of a hubby- we work so close together now that we have decided one day a week we can have lunch at the lunch. we were all so tired out we did nothing. I did however, do some cleaning, scrubbed floors, bathrooms etc.
Was in bed by midnight and sleep shortly after.

Saturday~ Another very exciting day for our bible quizzers. Our next tournament started at 10 am, Brooke and Destiny came in 2nd place again- so proud of my girls
Next tournament is 3 weeks away and we are hosting it at our church, so much to do before then.
My parents will be here for that one, Brooke is gonna love that.
We went grocery shopping and i had to go to wal mart to pick up a couple of items i needed for Sunday school, also got me a new skirt for $5, love the clearance rack:D
We then went to dinner with Destiny's parents, Jen and our family, we went to Montana's, i had the Ribs and wings- it was so amazingly delicious.  I was scared the sauce from the wings would cause a flair up but it didn't. after that Brooke went home with Destiny for a sleep over and hubby and i went to clean the church and do work on some things with Pastor. We got home and relaxed and got the hockey game started. I love hanging out with my hubby.

Sunday school today was nice, we had 4 girls and they are crafty kids so what we needed to do worked out well.
Our lesson was about "Jesus loves the little children"- we had them lay on big paper and we traced them then they decorated however they wanted, it was pretty awesome to watch them. We ran out of time though and couldn't do the craft of the day, but then we decorated cookies and then time was up. We came home for lunch today, it was just the three of us. after lunch I took a nap and slept much to long but needed it.

Tomorrow is back to work and i cannot wait.


  1. The craft sounded really cool and it is great to see a family so involved with their religion and church. It really helps to keep the family together.

  2. Sounds fun. What hockey team do you guys root for?


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