Weekend Recap

The day i was expecting good news about the job that i really hope i get...
so far no word from them, i feel so inpatient right now, they say patience is a virtue but i don't have it.
Laid in bed til maybe 11 or later :P
then got up and ready and did some face time with my sister before i went to volunteer at Brooke's school for winter fest

Brooke and her friends 

Biggest Snowball competition 

that's all the kids well maybe more on the other side, but that is mainly all of them.
It was a fun afternoon but i was ready to come home because i was so cold- I'm a big sulk :p
Relaxed and warmed up and made dinner when i got home, made Taco Salad
had to go to Michael's to buy some wool for some more scarf orders i got. 
Brooke and I had a Gilmore Girl marathon after that, we watched a ton of Gilmore girl movies. 
Happy 5th anniversary to my sister Melanie and her husband Tim 

I did some knitting before bed but was in bed rather early.

hubby made us an amazing breakfast 
steak, eggs, bacon and potato fries- A-M-A-Z-I-N-G
I think ill keep him around a bit longer :p
I did a deep cleaning of my kitchen and then i had to go to Western Union to get money that someone sent me for scarves, also picked up a pumpkin pie for dessert at my sisters house
We went to my sisters around 4:30, she made Rigatoni and biscuits, also made Texas sheet cake or dessert, yum, yum. we played ping pong, air hockey, watched some girlie movies and had fun just hanging out . I love any time with my niece, she cried to come home with us :( 
Got home and watched some hockey, my Boston bruins are doing so good, id love to see them take the cup again. 
Watched more Gilmore Girls and fell asleep on the spare bed while watching GG , hubby left me there, i woke at 6:30 am cold .....:( 
We had a fun day at Sunday School, lesson was about how Jesus fed the crowd with 2 fish and 5 loaves, we had them make a collage on their favorite food and then told the bible story, they also went "fishing", we had a fake river and all kinds of things in there like a laptop, iPad, fish, bread and told them the difference between a need and a want. 
It was the first sunday in a long time that is has only been the 3 of us, we have been having friends over or students here, but today it was the three of us, i made pork roast, mashed potatoes, carrots and gravy,  it was good.  Then i had a nap, i don't know why but i am so exhausted lately, just need to sleep and sleep. 
Sunday evening service was good too, i love my church family.
Sebastien came over to stay the night after that- we know him from Newfoundland.

That does it for me... Cheers. 


  1. I like the lesson on the differences between a need and a want, and how you illustrated it by having a hands-on game. That's cool. :)

  2. I hope you hear about the job soon. Being in limbo is not nice at all. It sounds like you had a fun filled weekend and being from the Caribbean where it never snows I would have love to be a part of the snowball fight :)

  3. I'm done with the snow! I want to plant stuff, But we are expecting more on Friday. :( Anyway I wish you luck on the job front. Hope you hear back soon!

  4. You have so much snow! Hang in there - the right job will come to you.

  5. Love the pictures of the snowball fight! And your breakfast Saturday sounds fantastic! Wishing you luck on the job front. :)


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