When I grow up...

What do i want to be when i grow up...
I still ask myself this question

Growing up i wanted to be a mortician, or a 18 wheel truck driver, also thought about a teacher, nurse etc..
I am none of these
When i went to university-  i took Office admin...

I loved it, was so excited to finally go to work and enjoy my job every day
enjoy it i did...

but now what do i want to do

I have no idea..
I am unemployed right now
i know God is in control

My ideal job would be to Stay at home full time but have the income that we both get when I'm working..
I want to be able to go shopping when i want to, I'm not asking to be rich, but i wish i could stay home and still be paid..
People have told me to take kids into my home...
I thought about it, but i don't think i want to be stuck home, taking care of kids every day...
i enjoy dressing up every day, working in an office where i can do my work and not have people staring at me each day ( previous job) making sure i make no mistakes because we are all supposed to be perfect like her....

I dont mean to complain so much for a job 
it would be nice to have a monday-friday job but right now i will take whatever comes. 

Thanks for your well wishes for me, it means a lot. 


  1. Did you get a degree in office admin.? If so, maybe you could do online curriculum from home, or adjunct teaching of those courses?

    In any case, much luck to you, I know the job search can be no fun at times.

  2. Lots of luck! I know so many people with college degrees that are out of work.. so unfortunate. New follower here, absolutely love your blog! Stopping by from runninglikeamother.com :)

  3. morticain? really!! I think the amazing thing about life is the possibility of reinvention. Thinking of you and all that you are going through with your current job hunt.

  4. Those are some interesting childhood occupational dreams you had. Not a lot of kids dream of being a mortician. But I think my little boys are right up there with being mud boggers as we call em here.

  5. I wanted to be a dentist when I grew up because I loved my dentist. Then I realized I was inept at Sciences. So, that ruled that out. I don't think I wanted to be a teacher until high school - it certainly wasn't what I always dreamed of. But, it is the perfect job for me! :)
    Sending good job hunting vibes your way. Hope something comes through soon!


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