Another hospital stay

Tuesday night at 1:15 am i got a flair up
The pain was unbearable by 1:45, i was screaming in pain 
Hubby took me to the ER and they took me straight back, didn't make me wait at all'

They immediately wanted to get rid of the pain 
They went thru a check up, checked me all over, my heart rate was very very high
my blood pressure was up again, so they wanted me to relax, not easy to do when your in so much pain.
They then did an internal exam ( nooooooo so much pain, this hurts) 
they gave me a shot of morphine and gravol then
Did nothing
Pain was still unbearable, on a scale of 1-10- it was a def 10.
They wanted another hour and came in for another shot of morphine
that did nothing
they then started an IV and got fluids into me, in case i needed to go for surgery
i was still in so much pain, they had no idea what else to give me, they just tried to keep me rested
but the pain was literally making me crazy, i was there alone, hubby had to be home with Brooke.  He did come in at 8:00 when we could get a sitter. they then took me down for an ultrasound and found out i have a cyst on my ovary ( that is not the cause of pain) 
It was also shift change and a new dr and new nurses, i got a mean nasty nurse, she wasn't very nice to me at all 
The male doctor was acting all dumb, like he had no idea how to treat me, although he did give me a new medication that i have never had before and it got rid of my pain though.
I slept Wednesday away, today I am finally feeling better, no pain but very tired.

Anyone here with an IUD and do you know if it causes IC because i was told several times that it does, i am doing some research now, let me know if you have any info for me



  1. Terri...

    I hate you're having a time female wise. Alot of women are now a days. I sometimes wonder if I'm going thru something like but not major pain like you had. on goiong for 10 yrs now but Im not sure if female related or stomach wise.

    I hope they figure out what's going and that you get better soon hun. usually rest helps. good luck with things and prayers to you.

  2. Hope you feel better soon. Prayers to you :)

  3. This sounds terrifying! Are you feeling better now?

  4. Wow - what a horrible experience. I hope you are on the mend now.

  5. Oh my gosh, they didn't find what was wrong and you just had to wait the pain out? That's beyond scary. When health issues come into play, it's no fun at all to not know exactly what's going on.

  6. Please tell me you're on the up-n-up?! I've never had an IUD, but after reading this, I don't think I ever will. Hugs to you!

    Thanks for commenting over at All My Happy Endings! XOXO

  7. I am feeling better, i have a disease called Intersistial Cystis- there is no cure, i take 12 pills per day to keep the pain at bay, but every now and then it wont settle down and this happens, this was one of the worst ones ive ever had.

    Thanks for all the care and concern ladies

  8. Wow that must have been a traumatic experience. Worse yet when the medical support around you are not acting up to par .... I would be very worried. I really hope everything works out fine and hope you do not have to endure such pain again.


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