Love No matter what...

This book is defently on the top 10 of parenting books
It talks about how we should love our kids no matter what

Brenda shares her story as a mom and shares the stories of twelve other families in her book.  I hope this does not sound bad, but some of these stories are heart breaking and it really makes you realize you could have it so much worse.
 a season of life where I am always second guessing my parenting and wondering if I am doing the right thing.  Brenda gives great practical advice on what to do and when to step back and let your children make mistakes. 

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  1. Hey sweetie. Got this book today. and since I see that you're doing the same thing I'm doing. I have to ask is this the only one you're in. If not what others are you in. I hate to know how you think I sounded on that vlog. Glad I found your blog. Apparently my google chrome thing doesnt have a tool bar where I can wipe things clean. so I typed in ramblingsmomma and you came up. So my mind can work sometimes. When it wants too. this was my first book and first review. Next book I'm getting is Lemonaid from Jesus or something.


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