Weekend Recap

Last day of Spring break here in NB, hubby was also off for the day....
the men from the church went skiing for the day so i agreed to take a friends kids so he could go as well. 
They left around noon, i got the kids some food first, then we took a little walk ( Brooke was at a friends house over night and not home yet) 
By the time we got back it was time for the little guys nap, he napped for 2 hours, my friend Faith came over and had supper with us, i got pizza delivered and it was the worst tasting pizza i ever got, seriously, it was gross...
Hubby got home around 7 pm, my 8:30 we were all starved and he had to go get some food, I needed to get groceries and had planned to do it Saturday) 
Brooke had her friend here for a sleep over...
We then relaxed and watch the hockey game and off to bed early because he was exhausted from skiing.

I had to be up and at market before 11:30 am to deliver the scarfs to the guy who placed a 30 piece order....
hubby and i went, the girls stayed here with Moses who is staying here for the week= free sitting :P
He figured we should have a breakfast date while we were out, we went to this little place called Crispins, never been there before but will def be going back, i ordered the french toast and ham, he ordered eggs, ham, sausage and toast... 
it was the best french toast ever and the company was the best <3 
also went to get some groceries before we came home- didn't get a whole lot but still spent almost $150.00- food is getting expensive. All you people in the US get food for so cheap, i am jealous. 
Did some more errands and came home in time for the hockey game, My Bruins won and it was an awesome game, i predict Bruins and Kings in the Stanley cup final and the bruins take it in 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Saturday evening i did some laundry and prepped for sunday school.

Sunday school was difficult- i am finding that the age range is too much of a difference and we need another teacher, but we really only have one kid we can put in that class and she is really shy so she may not do well on her own, Malaki was so bored because the lessons are targeted at the younger age so they will understand and if they do then we know the older ones will, i felt so bad but hoping we can make it more fun for him next sunday.
Hubby and i took Brooke shopping for shoes for school... a store here is selling off and things are so cheap
we got shoes for $8
24 orange juice for $3
a leopard print jacket for $8 

love it...  if i knew i was going to get a job soon i would have bought more but it is hard when i don't know when i will just yet.
After sunday night service which was so awesome,  we got pizza hut to go and came home and had pizza, got Brooke in bed and lunch ready for school tomorrow ( Joyful day, March break is over) 

Tomorrow (Monday) 
i have an interview that i am feeling very hopeful about, i appreciate some good luck vibes etc. It would be scheduling for a health organization,  excellent pay and i really want this job BAD! Seems like if i want it though, i don't get it, so i'm gonna hope and pray and cross all crossables. 


  1. I'm so glad you stopped by and I had a chance to stop in to your blog today. Praying for FAVOR for you for the interview tomorrow. I teach interviewing skills at a college so I have a little bit of advice:

    Leave your phone in the car

    Arrive about 10 minutes early, but not sooner

    Be friendly with the receptionist (I've seen them be the deciding voice on a candidate)

    bring 3-5 copies of your resume and offer a fresh one at the start of the meeting.

    Have five questions prepared before you go. Write them down and bring them with you. (be ready for the interviewer to ask "do you have any questions?")


    Don't rush to answer questions. Be thoughtful and take a pause when you need to.

    Answer EVERY question positively. For example, "What is your weakness?" -- you should reply with something that really says something positive about you. For example, "Well, I've struggled with committing to too much at one time because I hate to say no. Spreading myself too thin reduces my ability to produce the quality of work I expect from myself. I've learned to set appropriate boundaries so that I'm more effective and focused on the task at hand."

    GOD BLESS- be sure to post about how it goes!!

  2. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm following here too. Good luck!

  3. Visiting from the LBN. I hope your interview goes well. Heather, that is great advice!

  4. Sorry to hear about the pizza on Friday and it is great you did better on Saturday meal but I do agree food is really getting expensive.

  5. Great purchases! I'm digging the leopard jacket! Good luck on the new job search. Also it definitely sounds like there needs to be another teacher in the classroom. Sorry for the yucky tasting pizza!

    Heather from Mommy Only Has 2 Hands

  6. Sounds like a fab weekend! Love the shopping choices :) xx

  7. I taught Sunday School once in a class that had too big of age differences in it. It was a challenge, but no one wanted the job, so we made it work. Sounds like you had a busy, but nice weekend. :)


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