Cara Box

I participated in another CARA box this month, i am loving this alot, check out here for more info.

I was partenered up with Maria - check out her blog for what i sent her.

I feel so spoiled again by Kim- she did such an awesome job with my present, from the gift wrap to the pretty hearts she had on the inside of the box, check out the below pictures:

 this is the outside of the box, after i took the shipping paper off. 

Inside there was:

Lip gloss
adorable post it notes
Huckleberry taffy that is so awesome 
a teaspoon to brighten my morning
Goalie Mask Pez ( because i love hockey)
Handmade Thank you card
Nail polish

So spoiled. 

Thanks so much Kim <3


  1. trying to add you hun but cant. says you blocked me. if you can get up with me. havent spoke to you since the other day. hope you're ok.

  2. New follower(GFC) from the blog hop! Hope you will return the follows!

    Life Revolves Around Them

  3. Just letting you know I'm following you now hun. :D

  4. So glad you liked it!!! Enjoy Terri!


Thanks for the blogging Love

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