Leaving a legacy

I was doing some thinking lately and I think our goals as christians should be when we die:

I want the least expensive coffin on the market. Do not waste precious dollars on a fancy box that is just going in the ground, I was frugal in life, I have a reputation to protect

Bury me in a size 8, maybe something with lace or sequins or even better lace and sequins. I realize you will have to cut it open and drape it over me, but please bury me in a size 8

Send money- don't send flowers. Instead have a meal with someone you love and tell stories about our good times together. Feel free to have tacos, chocolate and American sweet tea to remember me by.

And here is the best part, I want these words said

I want my daughter to say " My mom was a woman of integrity, she lived at home like she lived in private"

I want my husband to say " Terri treated me with dignity and respect and made me want to be my best self, she made me proud to her a man"

I want my neighbours to say " She shared her veggies and flowers with us, our kids always had a safe place to play at her house, she loved our kids, and she loved her church, she invited me to come every time I talked to her|

I want my friends to say " Terri always told me the truth, it wasn't what I wanted until hear, and I didn't always agree with her, but she always had my best at heart."

I want my bank account to say " She always paid her tithe and gave generously to the kingdom of God"

I want orphaned/abandoned children to say " she shared with us when we were cold, hurting and hungry"

I want my bible to say ' she slap wore me out"

I want my computer, cell phone, debit card and mailbox to say " She served Christ with me, first and her self second"

I want my house to say " I heard her pray every day and watched her make disciples of Christ of her children right here within my walls. She made me a holy place "

and I want it all to be true.

So, like I said, I'm planning my funeral every day. Every time I plan a meal, every time I pay my tithe, every time I open the door to a child, a neighbour, or friend. Every time I reach for my bible ( when pinterest is calling my name)Every time I choke back a sarcastic reply and choose a gracious one instead. Every time I stifle my irritation and serve with humility, as unto the Lord and not to men.

For when my voice has ceased to speak, when my words echo in the hearts of my children. When my prayers have ceased to be breathed, they still fan the flames in the souls of those I have loved. When my fingers stiffen and are folded into eternal stillness, my life will still touch those I leave behind, I'll be gone, but I'll be here.

I'm planning my funeral, are you?

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