Of to grade 7

Today was the last day of school for my baby girl- it is ok for me to constant call her baby right because after all she is my baby girl 

Things in Grade 6 that you have excelled at… 
Highlights of the year: 

1) being the honour student 
2) getting an award for the drama class
3) Being asked to play the bass clarinet 
4) regular homework that you always completed before the due date for extra marks, every day after school you were in your room working hard to get it all done. 

Your teacher has had so many good things to say about you from talking about how helpful and friendly you are, to the marks you made this year, every test you brought home was always a or A+ . 

Some of their comments" Brooke is able to apply related knowledge and skills in an insightful way to demonstrate age appropriate action"- Mr Jones 
"Brooke is an excellent student, she understands both experimental and theoretic probality and can solve problems related to probability". Mme Toner 
"Brooke demonstrates all aspects of appropriate writing as evidenced over time in multiple pieces, she is a delight to teach" Mme Vanicek 

Congrats for making the honour roll, I hope this continues for the next 6 years, Study baby, reach of the stars if you miss you are still among the clouds, You can do anything you set your mind to.

I love you Brooke and you make me proud 


  1. What wonderful comments from her teachers! Sounds like you have an amazing girl!

  2. This is so sweet! I'm a teacher myself and it's always sad at this time of year to watch them grow up and move on. What a lucky girl to have such a thoughtful mom!

  3. How sweet. The comments from her teachers are exceptional. Great job Brooke and Congrats! Enjoy your summer. :)


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