Weekend Recap

I worked til 5- it felt like such a long day to me, I was training so I find those days go super slow.
Hubby got pizza for dinner and we went home, my back was aching from sitting in a different chair at work... so I laid down to rest. Hubby and I went to clean the Pastor's house while they are away on vacation, we painted the house thru, did a facelift to the bathroom, I should have taken before and after pictures. I hope they like the surprise when they get home.
I read this book and you can see the review here

I have not been around the blog much this week because I am so exhausted having a head cold and a very sore throat doesn't help my energy level. 

Hubby was away at a developer conference for the day, we were gonna hang out at home, clean and do laundry.. 
well laundry got done but that is about it. 
One of the girls from Brooke's class and her grandma invited us to hang out for the day, we went to the mall because they wanted a new bathing suit.  We went to Jungle Jims for dinner- it is a mexican kinda place, it was good food. 
We went to get ice cream and headed to the park to visit and it was so nice, I am also slightly addicted to this: 
 Vanilla flavor iced coffee, I have never had anything better

It was our Pastor's last service - I was so emotional- it is gonna be hard to have them leave us. 
We had a meeting for 12:20, we couldn't find the location so we were late, we were there about an hour ( i cannot share details just yet).. Brooke had her voice recital today 

My two kiddos 

Hope you had a great weekend <3 


  1. Glad you had such a good weekend filled with faith, fun, and iced coffee!

  2. Sounds like a good weekend. Hope your cold is all gone, and you feel better.

  3. Good byes are always hard.

    It sounds like a fun weekend, with lots of activities! I'm tired just reading it :)

  4. That coffee looks super yummy right now! Hope you are feeling better!


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