Weekend Recap

I got of work early because I started early and Brooke had a concert at 4 pm so I wanted to get of for that, they did an amazing job 

Brooke and Signa 

Brooke and Olivia 
This was at a broadway summer camp, they did a concert at the end, it was amazing, I need to figure out how to upload videos 

Then after the concert we drove 2 hours, to celebrate this beautiful couple 
Mr and Mrs Anson Brewer 

Brooke and the flower girl who was stunningly beautiful 

I love this girl. 
Then I found THE girl 
I am in the middle of the 2 sweetest girls I have ever had the opportunity of knowing ( my 2 daughters), well one is my own flesh and blood, the other is my adopted daughter, she use to live with us, then found her a cute texan and moved to Ontario, they got married last weekend....
She came to my house for the night last night, we stayed up late, chatted, hugged,cried and I was to excited to sleep:) 

I love this kiddo as well, was so good to see her 

We slept in because of the incredibly late night we had but it was worth it, we went to brunch, went and did some tourist things like a tour of the government house 

We dropped her of at the airport for 6 pm, it was a quick but beautiful 24 hours with my sweet friend. 

I made a spicy buffalo chicken dip for us for dinner after we did some grocery shopping and some lawn work. 

We had service as usual.. then we had a pot luck meal for a leadership meeting, it was a nice time. 
After PM service a couple of us ( 11 or so) went out to a Italian food spot, it was delicious.
We met a new friend Sam- she is all kinds of cool and it was nice to meet her. 

Have a great week <3 


  1. You're having a busy wedding season! Blessings for all these new couples especially your adopted daughter. Being a new in-law is a different relationship! Hope you like her husband. I'm nervous about that step for my daughter. I hope I get more ready as she gets older.

  2. Loving that government house - I wouldn't mind living there (as long as I didn't have to clean it, lol!)

  3. sounds like you had a VERY busy weekend! :D


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