How you should never deal with stress

Even the calmest and most collected people face stress in their lives. What makes a difference in how stress affects you is how you learn to deal with it. There are helpful and dangerous coping mechanisms that people use to manage their stress. Some can cause serious long term health effects, while others will open up your eyes to new opportunities and beauty to be discovered. Below you will find a list if things you shouldn’t do when dealing with stress.

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One of the things people do when they are unable to cope with stress is self-medicating. Whether it is recreational or prescription drugs, nicotine, or alcohol, you will do more harm than good. In fact, you might be able to keep the lid on your emotions for a while, but you can expect them to explode with extreme force later. If you notice that you have adopted unhelpful coping mechanisms, you should talk to Hope Treatment Rehab so you can change your habits and neutralize stress.  


Some people say that they turn to gambling to blow off the steam and relax. In reality, playing games can elevate your adrenaline levels, and increase stress. A little bit if Candy Crush every now and then is not harmful, but if you catch yourself checking the leaderboard every few minutes, you have a serious problem.

Shopping Therapy

When facing stress and feeling insecure about themselves, many people get the buzz out of shopping. Let it be buying cruise trips or fancy shoes, you will hurt more than your finances. You will end up feeling guilty about your spending, and your stress levels will be further elevated because of your money worries.

Keeping It In

Another unhelpful way of dealing with stress is keeping it in, and trying to appear stronger than you are. It is important that you discuss your issues with someone you can trust. If you don’t have friends and family members you can confide in, you can talk to a mental health professional who will help you understand the source of stress, and teach you some methods of reducing it without compromising your health.

Lashing Out

Many people turn their anger outwards, and hurt people they love the most. If you catch yourself shouting at your loved ones, and blame stress, you will need to seek professional help. If you are not careful, you could drive people away, and end up having to deal with your emotions on your own. Anger issues are often related to stress, so learn how to cope with your self-blame, instead of hurting others in the process.

Whether you are stressed over your work, living conditions, relationship, or money issues, you need to keep on working on your coping mechanisms to make sure that you are not hurting yourself and others. Self-medication, overspending, gambling, and self-harm of any form can have a long term impact on your mental and physical health. Seek professional help and try hypnosis, yoga, or meditation to deal with your problems the right way.

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