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After the year that saw lots of activity in some of Australia’s hottest property markets, explosive housing prices have geared-down to a trickle in Melbourne and even reversed in Sydney. Much of it can be attributed to new policies adopted to safeguard some of the economy cornerstones – property prices and debt levels. Figures from property data group Corelogic show that in 2018, the national median house price index declined most severely in Sydney and Darwin and moderately in Melbourne and Perth. Their head of research, Tim Lawless, said that the transition had been driven by capital cities. Faced with such prospects, homeowners looking to sell are finding new affordable ways of making their properties more attractive to buyers. Here’s a list of six most effective, yet budget-friendly projects that increase the appeal of your home.

Interior trim and paint

Create an awesome two-colour combination by adding one of two simple trim lines - chair rail or crown moulding. A painted trim is easier to install, as you don’t have to cut perfect joints – a bit of paint and filler can make them look perfect. Make a new chair rail 60-70% of the width of your baseboard by using a two-piece combination that mimics the windowsill and its apron. Centre it at one-third of the wall height. Choose a crown moulding profile that is 30-40% of the baseboard width. If you wanted to give your room a total refresh to go with your new trim, you could consider painting the walls a totally new color to really change things up. If you know what you want, but are nervous you won't be able to go a good job, and are worried about getting paint on the trim, you could search a site like My House Painter to find a local painter near you who will be able come and do this work for you. It's amazing the difference simply changing the wall color can make, so it's definitely worth considering if you are wanting to do something quick that has a lot of impact.

Little bathroom makeover

For under $500, you can create an amazing change in your bathroom. Not everyone can go the whole hog with natural stone, but a new granite vanity top is an affordable alternative. Home centres and similar stores will have them in stock, with prices depending on the size. The makeover is complete only with a new faucet set and mirror. The key is to order all the pieces and not start with the project until they all arrive. Inspect them for flaws, which unfortunately aren’t uncommon. If you need to repaint the old vanity, use spray paint for smoother finish and to avoid brush marks.

Wallpapered accent wall

Since the country-wide interest for wallpaper has been reborn, stores have been offering an enormous range of choices, some of them with staggering prices. Far from having to cover every single wall to achieve the effect – if you cover only one wall, even an expensive wallpaper or fabric will turn out to be affordable. Wallpapers are an exceptionally good choice for rooms with plain walls, slim baseboards and window trims. Make the best choice by taking a photo of your room to an interior-design store and ask a specialist to help you with the options.  

Improved curb appeal

Even if you’re not in the market for selling, a good-looking and inspiring entry can impress your guests, please the neighbours, and most importantly, make your home a nicer place to return to after work. You don’t need full landscaping and an earthwork makeover. Simple solutions like a brick walkway border and an interesting light fixture or a quirky house number can instantly lift improve the look of your home. Focus on your front door, maybe a new paintjob, hinges and doorknobs. While you’re at it, consider hiring a reliable locksmith Meadowbank to upgrade your front door locks – an affordable improvement with lasting results. 

$0 cabinet remodel

Worn out kitchen cabinets? Why not ditch the doors completely and open up to a new contemporary look. They have built-in shelves that can take all your kitchenware, but also make your kitchen look bigger. This is an improvement that literally takes only a screwdriver and a little patience to complete. However, if you want to make a true change, coat the exposed shelves with bright paint that stands out from the cabinet walls. 

Landscaping made easy

You don’t need a team of professional landscapers to make an eye-catching change. Even a single afternoon of landscaping can transform the appearance of your backyard. Pick up a few small native trees or shrubs, along with some pretty flower bulbs. Just make sure you choose perennials, so you don’t have to re-plant them every spring.  Instead of re-planting the whole garden, create an appealing scenery with a few select pieces. There are plenty of landscape design plans on the Internet, as well as dedicated landscaping apps to help you with ideas.

Whether you are preparing your house for a stream of potential buyers or simply looking for an affordable improvement this spring, quick and easy micro-makeovers like these are all it takes to make a positive change.


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