Mixing high end designs with affordable prices. Is it possible?

Because you’re a homeowner, you feel the need to renovate and redecorate very strongly. The house looks pretty good now, but it could be even better and that is the kicker. As the saying goes, the grass is always greener on the other side. Your urge to change the interior means there’s another temptation to follow current trends. At the moment, minimalism is popular as is using a range of blues and having focal points. They are in style for one reason – they’re beautiful.

As well as being good-looking, the trends above are expensive which is a bit of a problem. You want them, you think you need them, but the budget isn’t big enough to splash out. What are you supposed to do – wait until you save the money? It’s a good idea yet it doesn’t fit into the impatient culture of today.

A far better option is to mix high-end designs with low prices. Some people think it’s impossible but they are non-believers. For all of you that have seen the light, here are the commandments to follow.

Pick A Quality Centerpiece

By far the easiest and cheapest trick is to choose a focal point and surround it with accessories. That way, the room won’t appear cold or bare, and the centerpiece will stand out in the crowd. Think about the living room for a moment. In this one space, there are a plethora of features that can pull off this hack. One of the best has to be a sofa. A large yet sleek couch grabs a person’s attention as soon as they walk into the room. If that item is high-quality, they will instantly assume everything else is expensive too. So, the moral of the story is to splash out on one or two items, especially the things which are eye-catching. Then, flesh out the design with accessories that are cheap and cheerful but also flashy. Lamps with “diamonds” or “jewels” work wonders because the metal is clean and shiny.

Try Faux Gras

Ironically, duck or goose liver is particularly rich. In fashion, faux is about the cheapest option on the menu! When interior designers use this word, they mean fake and that isn’t a bad thing. Previously, features that weren’t genuine used to stick out like a sore thumb, and no one could mix high-end with affordability. It is now 2018 and the problem no longer exists thanks to advancements in technology. If you don’t believe that, then compare the options on Empire Floors and see if you can spot the difference. Afterwards, take a look at the quotes and get ready to be shocked! Okay, so an expert will be able to detect Scandinavian pine masquerading as English oak; however, the average person won’t have a clue. To them, it will look and feel like the real deal even though it has never seen woodland in Britain! The key is to pick the items that don’t appear gaudy or tacky.

Consider The Dimensions

A mistake people make is assuming that the property’s features represent luxury. They don’t, not completely. Yes, an elegant coffee table will stand out even if people don’t know why, but it’s just one small aspect in a room full of details. Therefore, it is only logical that you take the house as a whole seriously by paying full attention to the fine points.  The things you want to focus on the most are the structure and format. People with money don’t throw as many features together and hope for the best; they plan meticulously. As a result, everything in your home should have a purpose and should be tailored. Measuring the dimensions is a straightforward way to give off this image without breaking the bank. Once you have the sizes, you can shop for pieces that are affordable. Because they sit the style perfectly, they will seem luxurious and glamorous.

Search Carefully And Haggle

Go to any marketplace in Asia and you’ll see customers bartering as if their life depends on the sale. To westerners, it seems desperate and unnecessary. After all, the price is the price so why waste time and look like an idiot in the process? Well, the answer is that it often knocks a considerable chunk off the price. Sure, suppliers say they are never going to accept anything less than the retail value, but they lie. Money in their pocket is better than in a competitor’s, which is why they are flexible on the price. As a tip, just float a number and wait for the negotiating to begin. Alternatively, shopping for brands that are affordable is a savvy move. Thought Catalog has a list of high-end companies which don’t extort their customers, and you’ll be surprised. Not to ruin the surprise, but it includes Suno and Acne among others.

Pay Attention To The Internet

Shame on you for not checking the Web daily! Don’t you realize the internet has taken over as the leading shopping destination? Obviously you do because a blind man could spot it from a mile away. Still, some deals and promotions go unnoticed and they cost you cold, hard cash. Forget about buying things from affordable yet luxurious businesses because this method takes you to the very top. By watching the online sales, you can find the highest-end gear at the lowest possible prices. Yes, Roberto Cavalli and Fendi Casa slash costs from time to time and you have to be ready to act. To do so, you may want to set up email alerts. As the name suggests, you’ll get an electronic mail when there is a promotion so that you don’t have to miss out.

But Don’t Forget The High Street

Bricks and mortar stores are on the decline, but they still have gems. In fact, their deals are on par with online offers because they need to stem the tide of eCommerce. So, don’t dismiss the high street out of hand because you may find a diamond in the rough.

After reading these tips, do you think mixing high-end style with affordability is possible?

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