Rustic Decor Ideas To Try In Your Home

When planning how you’re going to decorate your home, it’s likely that you’ve got an idea in your head about how you want the finished product to look. You may not however, know how to fully achieve the look that you’re desiring. These days, rustic is coming back into trend because it’s one of the best ways of making your home look cosy, and often takes less effort than any other type of decor to achieve. The great thing about rustic decor is that it often appears less than perfect, and it’s not a requirement to have things ‘symmetrical’ for the completed product to look nice. Here are some rustic decor ideas that you can try in your home to improve the ambience and help you fall in love with your home even more!

Consider sleepers

You may have seen when passing a train track these large wooden sleepers. If not, basically they are large wooden logs (or nowadays metal) that support the train track. These are great to add to your home for many different purposes, and they fit in great with the rustic theme. Here’s a few ideas on what you could use wooden sleepers for in your home:
  • A makeshift bench
  • Fireplace surrounding
  • Thick and unusual shelving
  • A DIY dinner table

The great thing about sleepers is that they are widely available at hardware stores all over the place, and don’t cost the earth either so they are a great way of adding an unusual, yet great feature to your home.

Add unusual but eye catching wall art

One of the things that can really finish off a rustic decor look is by making sure that the decor you’re hanging is unusual and eye catching. You could go for an historically correct Viking Shield to hang on your walls. While your theme is rustic, a viking shield would fit perfectly into the decor because it’s a part of history. Another idea would be to paint any wooden mirror frames and tap it lightly when dry to create a cracked and ‘rustic’ look.

Artex is king

Speaking of walls, rather than simply painting your walls with the colour of your choice, why not opt to cover your walls in artex to really vamp up the rustic look? Again, rustic looks don’t have to be perfect or symmetrical, so you won’t need to worry about making the artex perfect on your walls. If you’re not sure what artex is, it’s basically an easy to apply plaster that adds texture to your walls without any hassle. Just be sure that it’s definitely a look that you want to go for because even though it’s easy to apply, it can be troublesome to remove from walls once it is dry!

Rustic looks often consist of warm and natural colour schemes too, so if you’re stuck on ideas for what colour to paint your walls with then it’s best to stick to neutral colours or warming colours like wine and terracotta. Warm colours work well because they are close to natural brick colouring.

Use different materials

Another great way of making your home look rustic is by using different materials throughout your home (or in the room that you want to achieve the rustic look in). Things like metal and wood are a perfect way of creating a perfect contrast of materials.

You could also choose some throws to cover your chairs and settees with that have unusual and charming patterns on them. The whole idea of rustic comes from decor from decades ago, when people couldn’t afford to decorate their homes and had to make the most of what they already have. Of course, over time there have been changes made to the idea of a rustic look, but making your furniture look mismatched works well for the rustic look.

Upcycle your furniture

As mentioned above, when people couldn’t afford to decorate their homes or even buy new furniture they would resort to repurposing what they already have. So why not save yourself some money and upcycle furniture that you already have rather than forking out for new furniture.

It’s really easy to do, and often all you need is a screwdriver, a tin of paint, and a little bit of creativity. The great thing about upcycling your furniture is that you know that your furniture is now totally unique.

If you’re not very crafty minded, you can always search online or in magazines for some ideas on what you could upcycle your furniture into. They often have step by step guides too that are super useful!

Install a log burner

Finally, a fabulous way of adding a rustic and cosy feel to your home is by installing a log burner instead of having a regular fireplace. They add an immediate focal point to your room and are lovely to cosy up in front of during the winter months.

If you have a working chimney, then you shouldn’t have too much of an issue installing your log burner too as they connect straight to your chimney and away you go. One thing that you will need to be wary of is that you can’t just burn any old bits of wood. The wood needs to be dried out so that it will burn sufficiently and without letting off any bad smells. The great thing about burning wood is that having the supply by the log burner really adds to the rustic look too! Some people opt to burn coals which works just the same and creates a cozy glow in the room.

Try these rustic decor ideas in your home so that you can really achieve the look that you were going for! As you can see, achieving the look isn’t as hard as you might have imagined, and won’t cost the earth to achieve either!

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