Words from the Heart By Kathleen Fuller

Being a fan of the Series - "An Amish Letters Novel" by Kathleen Fuller I waited not so patiently for this 3rd book in this series. "Words from the Heart" is just that! Kathleen has captured the true essence of the "Love Letter" era. We don't have that much anymore and this book was a pure joy to read. Ivy Yoder and Noah Schlabach are the main characters in this book, but as I read more and more of their story I fell in love with CJ and "Bunny", in my heart they are the true heroes of this book, their love story happens during the war through letter writing and was a true and lasting love. Ivy and Noah are friends who find each other by reading "Love Letters" and then the magic between them begins. Kathleen Fuller thank you for this wonderful series of books that can also be read as standalone reads.

I really enjoyed reading this book. I will admit that I practically raced through this book because I just wanted to know what was happening. This book just flowed and kept me interested and connected. I have read the first of the Amish Letter Series and it was nice to catch up with the characters from the first two books as well as the other Birch Creek residents without being overwhelmed by secondary characters.

I love the build up of the relationship of Ivy and Noah. They didn't just fall into place but the build was well noted and beautifully handled. The letters in this book were actually not what I expected and that was a nice touch.

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