Tiny tweaks that will improve your sleep environment

Our bedrooms should be an oasis in the storm of life. They should be the place that we can retire to when things get a bit much, and we just need to rest and recuperate. However, if we are truly honest with ourselves, are they like that in real life? Probably not, but that doesn't mean they can't be. In fact, there are some tiny tweaks you can make in your bedroom that result in it being a much better environment for sleep. Just read on to find out what they are.

Clear Clutter

Very few people enjoy living in a cluttered environment, and if you ask them about it, they will always say they prefer and tidy and organized space. However, real life can often get in the way of this and because of lack of time, and a normalizing of the clutter some folks can stop seeing it. This is problematic in the bedroom because once they start to block the mess out, it gets left there and can continue to build up and cause a negative sleep environment.

That is why it is vital to make time every few months to remove any mess in the bedroom space. If you aren't sure what counts as clutter, it can help to use an organizational system like the KonMari method. Although, as a general rule anything that is being stored rather than used or displayed can be packed away or got rid of entirely.

Abolish Allergens

Another aspect of improving your sleep environment to be aware of is the problem of allergens. Allergens are particles that can cause a negative reaction in the body, just by coming in contact with it. In fact, there are many of these within the bedroom, such as some cloth fibers, dust mites, and dander particles that can cause those that are sensitive to them to react. Something that can interfere with their ability to sleep and rest.

Happily, there are some ways of dealing with them as well. The first is to pick a something like this hypoallergenic mattress that is designed to repel dust mites. It can also be useful to ban pets from the bedroom area to prevent dander getting onto the covers, and don't forget that you can use a HEPA air filter to remove any airborne allergens as well. All actions that if taken can significantly increase your chances of getting a better and more restful night's sleep.

Lights Out

Last, of all, our bodies work on an internal clock system that is known as a circadian rhythm. This is something that responds to the change from day to night and is why we find ourselves becoming more sleepy when it gets dark.

There are even some things that you can do in your bedroom to encourage this rhythm, and so make it a much better environment for sleep.

In particular, a tactic that can be useful is to use blackout curtains to prevent any light getting into the room. Such curtains are helpful because no matter what time of year it is your body will still respond to the darkness of the room and feel more sleepy. Which is, after all, precisely what you want from an effective sleep environment!

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