5 Tough Decisions for Parents

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Nobody ever said that being a parent would be easy, right? While you went through the literal pains of giving birth, there can be plenty of emotional pain over the years as you struggle with making tough decisions to ultimately benefit your child. Here are five challenging situations to anticipate if you’re pregnant or thinking about having a baby to help you understand what to expect.

1. To Breastfeed or Not to Breastfeed

Will you, or won’t you? Some mothers swear by the bond that they form with the baby when breastfeeding. It’s likely the first difficult decision after pregnancy and you’ll have to decide.
While formula is more expensive and harder for babies to digest than breast milk, it is easy to tell how much your baby has eaten rather than estimating the amount with milk. Some moms start out breastfeeding and decide to switch to bottle feeding if it’s not right for them.
Do what feels right for you and baby, taking into consideration:
  • Comfort level
  • Any medical conditions
  • Lifestyle

2. Letting Them Learn from Trial and Error

As they get older, your adolescent is likely to make decisions that you know aren’t likely the best for them. While you want to jump in and tell them what to do, it can be helpful to let your kid struggle.
Experience comes from emotional pain, whether it is breaking up with their first love or a school-related challenge. So, rather than trying to fix everything for the youngster, instead, let them know that you’re there for them when they want to talk or need advice.

3. Are They Sick or Not?

As a new parent, it can be difficult to tell when the baby is sick. You may worry that you’ll miss subtle signs and not do what’s best for the little one.
If your little one looks or acts in a way that indicates an abnormality in some way to you, reach out to dallas pediatricians for professional advice. While some conditions are normal soon after birth, others are not, and it’s best to err on the side of caution and ask your doctor when unsure.
If it is your first child, you’ll likely not know what is normal or not. So, it’s best to get medical attention quickly for the newborn as an infection can worsen quickly with their not having a strong immune system at birth.

4.  When Empty Nest Time Comes

When they want to leave the house, whether it’s to move onto a college campus or simply live on their own for the first time, this period can be stressful for everyone. As with #2, let them learn from their mistakes as they pack and move, but do make sure you’re there for them.
Rather than being pushy, instead, make gentle suggestions to your child and trust that you have raised them with values and common sense. The loss you experience will be tough, there’s no denying that.
To help you get through it, reach out to your partner and friends to help get through it. Talk about your feelings to help let go in this emotionally trying situation.

5. What to Do When They Say They Hate You

This one is tough, as you don’t imagine the child you gave birth to saying, “I hate you!” But the chances are good that it will happen at some point – likely during the angst of their teen years.
When you hear those words, it’s natural to feel like you failed them and it’s tough not to lash out back at them. But do your best to take a deep breath and say, “Let’s talk about something else.”
Alternatively, ask yourself how you can best support your son or daughter. Think about what is causing this strong emotion in them; it might not even be related to you but instead be another issue on their mind.
Explain to your child the effect that the word “hate” and other negative phrases have on other people’s emotions. You are teaching them empathy at this moment.

Final Words on Decision Making as Parents

Remember, although making decisions in the scenarios below aren’t easy, they are part of your amazing role as a guiding figure in their lives. The chances are good that your little one will see you as a role model and that this influence will continue into their adult life.
Thus, never give up on being the best parent possible for your unique and wonderful child. Most importantly, show them that unconditional love triumphs everything.

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