Things I have realized during this pandemic...

Things are just sad and scary and I go from being okay to crying to having terrible anxiety.  But I have noticed somethings - so I thought I would share those in the midst of this social distancing.

1) My facebook friends have been so great, always willing to help, checking in to see if anyone needs anything delivered etc. It is pretty amazing

2) So much kindness being passed around... my friend Riannon who is owner and florist extraordinare is doing a flower delivery called " Flowers on the fly".  This would be a great pick me up for some who is quarantined,  she will drop them on the door step, check her out. 

I also have another friend who is picking up and delivering groceries to the seniors in this city. 
We are all reaching out and checking on each other, making sure we all have what we need and we are safe. 

3) We are all in fear.. fear of what is to come as we dont know what is going to happen, we do not know how long this will last, weddings are being reacheduled, school is closed for the remainder of the schoolbyear which also means graduation is cancelled, trips are cancelled~ it is a very scary season.

4) We are all going thru it together as a world. We are all sitting in the scary place together.  It came across the entire world... think about that... but we are binding together and cheering each otber on to keep going.

5) We will make it through this.  In a couple weeks or months we will look back and we can say " we survived".

6) Social Media- This is a blessing and a curse.  I have to get off some times because it makes me anxious but on the other hand I see people giving information like what store has eggs and sharing funny memes that make us all laugh. 
 Sometimes we have to laugh to get through things and this is one of those times. It's very serious and hard - but we still need to find a way to keep laughing and living.

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