Have You Got The Pain Bug?

You don’t have to be old and grey to catch the pain bug. Trust us, the pain bug can come at any point in your life. All it takes is one small accident, or a few years sat behind a desk, or perhaps a love for sports that are making your muscles and joints ache. The one issue we have as humans is thinking that nothing can happen to our bodies until we’re old and grey. We just put up with the pain that we’re having now because we think that it’s the norm, but let us tell you it isn’t. We as younger adults, in the grand scheme of life, should be thinking about all of the ways that we can battle pain and what it might be a sign of. The odd week of having a bit of back and neck ache would not indicate a problem that needs action. But if you’re someone who is suffering from severe pain or pain that’s fluctuating in severity but is still there, then you need to do something about it. We’re going to talk about the pain bug, what it is, and how you can do something about it.

What Is The Pain Bug?

The pain bug is when part of your body starts to feel pain, and then before you know it you have multiple locations around your body that are causing you problems. You have to look at your lifestyle and the way that you’re living it. For example, if you’re very active you might be misled to believe that your body will be free of any aches and pains. Wrong. In fact, runners, in particular, are subject to all sorts of pain in the ankles, knees, and hips, but keep on running to try and keep themselves fit. People as early as their 20s can have painful areas all over their body, and it’s important to recognize what’s bad and what’s natural. For example, if you have chronic neck pain which minimizes your range of movement, a trip to the doctor is needed. However, if you have neck and back pain between the shoulder blades, you should think about your posture and whether that might be influencing it.

What Can We Do About It?

Once you have established the problem, it’s time to do something about it. Whilst we’re still young and active and our bodies are relatively reactive and strong, there’s plenty that we can do about it. One diagnosis many people get is osteoarthritis. Again, don’t think that because it’s arthritis that you won’t get it until you’re older. Osteoarthritis is very painful and can radiate around many parts of the body. However, non-invasive treatments can be used to improve the condition, rather than just focusing on reducing the pain. You should also consider physio and muscle and bone-strengthening activities such as yoga.

Keeping Our Bodies Young

Often all that’s needed to treat aches and pains that are not caused by any clinical condition is to keep your body young. Stretch morning and night, eat well, correct your posture, drink lots of water and get your rest. Simple lifestyle changes can make all the difference to how your body feels.

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