DIY Centerpiece Ideas to Celebrate National Craft Month

Did you know a simple craft like knitting or painting can help lower your risk of mild cognitive impairment, reduce stress, and improve your mood? March is National Craft Month and to help you reap the many benefits of crafting I challenge you to pick up a new hobby or craft and flex your creative muscle.

There are so many crafts and diy tutorials on the web, however Zola recently shared 20 unique diy centerpiece ideas perfect for welcoming spring and celebrating National Craft Month. They categorized each craft by a decor mood board like but explore your personal style or branch out into a fun new theme to find the craft that intrigues you. 

Fresh and Fruity Decor

Add a twist of fun to your spring tablescape by adding a fresh touch of citrus and produce to your centerpiece. This is one way to achieve an eco-friendly and cost-effective display that you will love. Explore all of their citrus styles to diy a centerpiece craft that matches your home and personal style. 

  • Sliced Pomegranate Tray Display: Place sliced pomegranate on delicate trays for an exotic, colorful, and unexpected centerpiece!
  • Pink and Pear Centerpiece: Fill clear vases with fresh pears to add bright height to your centerpiece.
  • Lemon Table Runner: Pair a zesty, citrus-covered table runner with white candles for a southern, elegant tablescape.
  • Mandarin Tower Display: These bold mandarin orange towers will add height, color, and citrus deliciousness to any table display.

Boho Centerpieces

Bohemian decor is a fun way to showcase Moroccan-inspired details such as velvet table runners, hanging lanterns, vintage glassware, and metal accents. 

  • Vintage Glassware: Antique colored wine glasses will add pops of color to a backdrop of green and gold.
  • Tall Candlestick Centerpiece: Tall, vintage-inspired candlesticks will add height and elegance to your bohemian tablescape.
  • Hanging Lanterns: Elevate your tablescape with a hanging lantern display that will have you dreaming of faraway lands. 
  • Velvet Table Runner: Add texture to your tablescape with a velvet table runner. 

Beachy Tablescape Ideas

Make anyone who enters your home salty with energy with these to die for centerpiece crafts. 

  • Coral Sculpture: Display coral art as a focal point in your centerpiece for an eye-catching, tall, au-natural display. 
  • Coastal Display: Mix natural tones such as dried pom poms and ocean treasures like coral with modern glassware to get this coastal-chic vibe.
  • Seashell Table Runner: Start collecting shells and coral on your next beach adventure to achieve this coastal display. 
  • Faux Pineapple Centerpiece: Dress up everyone’s favorite beach treat by displaying gold pineapple pieces paired with ocean-inspired tablecloths. 

Rustic Decor Ideas

This theme is natural, chic, and always in style. Better yet, use this craft as an excuse to go outdoors and scavenge items from forest areas such as moss, leaves, and vegetable harvest. You can also use metals like tin cans or glassware such as mason jars as quirky, upcycled additions to your display.

  • Whimsical Moss Centerpiece: Add a touch of natural enchantment to your centerpiece with moss and pair with other forest forage for a storybook look.
  • Recycled Vase Centerpiece: Transform tin cans into vases and pair it with natural elements like tree bark. 
  • Mason Jar Decor: Take advantage of charming and affordable mason jars by using them as vases, glassware and more.
  • Dangling Leaf Display: Hang fall foliage and twinkling lights from the ceiling to create a delightful display. 

Seasonal Centerpiece Ideas

Whether you want to prepare a craft for the busy holidays or just love the seasonal spirit, explore our options for holiday centerpieces that don’t include flowers!

  • Ornamental Ornaments: Display Christmas ornaments on your tablescape for a bright, glittery, holiday-inspired centerpiece.
  • Christmas Fur Runner: Dress up a fur table runner with pinecones, faux fur, and candlesticks for a Christmas-themed centerpiece. 
  • Pumpkin Harvest Spread: Create a stunning fall display by pairing colorful pumpkins of different sizes with leaves and twigs. 
  • Retro New Years: Incorporate the champagne toast into your table decor with a retro tablescape with touches of pink.

Eclectic Decor Ideas

Vintage is always in! Part of the fun of crafting is taking something old and making it new again! Perfect for crafters who like to spend time at vintage markets and thrift stores, this centerpiece theme lets you use inspiration from decades past.

  • Gold Vintage Opulence: Use candlesticks and trays dripping in gold for an opulent and sophisticated display fit for royalty.
  • Whimsical Birdcage Display: Add a quirky and vintage-inspired birdcage to your tablescape. You can leave as is or paint them to add pops of color. 
  • Hot Air Balloon Centerpiece: Perfect for a garden party, this dreamy hot air balloon centerpiece is fun and affordable. 
  • Vintage Fairytale Centerpiece: Mix and match vintage brass pieces together for a storybook setting straight out of a fairytale. 

There’s always time to get crafty and this National Craft Month, use the holiday as an excuse to dress up your table for a fun night in! Invite friends over and host a dinner party to show off your handy work! You will cherish all the memories and inspire your guests to do the same! Cheers! 

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