How Can You Spruce up Your Home in Time For Spring and Summer?'

Things might be more than a little crazy at the moment with the current pandemic, but the world doesn’t stop turning. Spring and summer is on the way regardless, and actually, what most of us need right now is a little sunshine in our lives, even if it’s just sitting out in the garden. One way you can give your mental health a boost is to improve your home, your surroundings affect the way you feel and when you’re going to be spending a lot of time in the house it makes sense for it to look nice. Here’s how you can go about it. 

Deep clean and declutter
At the start of every season, it’s worth having a good clean and declutter. This is where you get the jobs done that you wouldn’t normally on a day of cleaning. Things like cleaning carpets and rugs with a carpet cleaner, washing all of the windows, pulling out large furniture like beds and vacuuming behind them. It makes your house feel really fresh, and gives you a blank canvas to do any other jobs. Spend some time decluttering, throw away or donate what you no longer need. Find storage solutions for the things that you do, and make the best use of all of the space you have in your home. This could involve installing hooks to hang things, shoe racks, boxes and bins on shelves and using drawer dividers. 

Change the decor
When the season changes, it can be nice to change the overall feel of your home. It doesnt mean you need to repaint and wallpaper multiple times a year, instead just update your accessories. Change cushion covers to more spring and summery designs, such as florals and pastel colours. Add vases of colourful flowers, and dot living plants around. Fold up and store any heavy winter throws and decor that’s out of season and store it in the attic ready for the autumn later in the year. If you did want to give your home more of a makeover then painting the walls a light shade light white, magnolia or very light grey will help the light to bounce around the room making it look brighter and more spacious. 

Switch out your duvet
Everyone should have two duvets, a thicker one for the colder times of the year and a thinner one for the warmer months. We might not be quite there yet, but purchase yourself a summer duvet and have it ready to put onto your bed once you start feeling too warm and night. You could even treat yourself to some nice new bedding too, some lightweight soft cotton sheets in a spring/ summer colour or design, and a lightweight bedspread for over the top which you could sleep under by itself on very warm nights. New bedding is always a nice thing to have and is a great way to spruce up your home in time for the warmer months. Again, if you have large heavy throws, a thick duvet and cushions in more autumn/ winter designs then store them away for later in the year. Vacuum bags are good for this, they keep dust and dirt out and compact large soft furnishings into small, stackable cubes. 

Swap your wardrobe around
The best way to organise your wardrobe is to split it into warmer and colder outfits. In the summer you can take out things like big winter coats, boots, heavy jackets and jumpers that you won’t need and store them away. Replace them with skirts, shorts and dresses- when the weather changes you can switch them back again. Again, the attic is a good place to store what you’re not currently using, if you have a storage bed then this is another good option. Storage beds aren’t the most practical for taking things in and out all the time, but if it’s only items you’ll be switching over once a year it’s ideal. 

Buy some new home fragrances
What better way to finish a clean and revamped home than with some nice home fragrances? Reed diffusers, air fresheners, plug ins and more can all be used. Go with fresh, light spring fragrances like fruits and florals, keep your heavy spiced scents for closer to Christmas. When your home smells nice it can help you to enjoy and appreciate it even more. 

Protect against pests
Summer time is when you’re most likely to get pests, from ants to termites, birds, beetles and more. Go around your home and fill in any small cracks and gaps with filler to prevent them from getting in. Keeping it clean and tidy can help too, pests will still come into a clean home but you’ll spot them more quickly and can take care of the problem before it becomes a massive one. Get in a company like Mosquito Authority (or for whatever kind of pest you’re dealing with) at the first sign of pest activity. This can be things like dead insects, droppings or chewed food, wood or wires. Pick up pet food off the floor at night as this is something that will attract pests, and keep non perishable foods in glass or plastic containers rather than just in bags. 

Install fans
Finally, when the weather is warm you’ll want to keep the home as cool as possible. Order yourself some fans, these can be standing fans or ceiling fans, if you have air conditioning then you’re already set. Installing blackout blinds can be another way to keep the home cool, keep them down during the day in your bedroom and it will prevent the sun from heating it up. When you go to bed, you’ll go to a nice cool room. All shops are closed at the moment with it being a pandemic, but online retailers like Amazon are still operating, so get what you can, while you can. 

What are you doing to make your home nice ready for the spring and summer? 

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