Traditional Brunch: What It Is And How It Is Served

In Europe, you can often see a signboard near a cafe saying “brunch” or an appropriate page on the menu. And if you have ever wondered what this mysterious word is, Beezzly experts are glad to announce that in this very article you can find all the possible answers!

Brunch? Breakfast? Lunch? Is There a Difference?!

Oh yes, if you never bothered yourself with all those good manners, being able to figure out the difference between breakfast, lunch and brunch may appear to be quite a challenge for you! On the other hand, there is absolutely nothing complicated about it.
In fact, the word “brunch”, as you have probably guessed, comes from two words that all of us know perfectly well - they are “breakfast” and “lunch”. The first inventors of the word “brunch” appeared to be English people who used to be simply addicted to different food traditions and eating ceremonies! 
You can find lots of different facts about the brunch concept (for example, here ), but let’s summarize everything we know.
Traditional brunch takes its origin from Great Britain, England in particular. In the beginning, this word was used for a Sunday meal that was taken in the late morning around 11:00 or 12:00. All because on Sunday nobody wanted to wake up early and make traditional 8 o’clock English breakfast, so people just combined the morning meal and the lunchtime, and - here we are! - we got brunch. If you are like me and do not enjoy cooking, you may wish to eat out somewhere like cafe warrnambool, and let someone else do the hard work for you!

3 What Is Brunch Time Today?

Nowadays, there is no strict hour for brunch. However, usually, this meal is taken between 11:00 and 15:00. Of course, if you eat your brunch at home, it’s you who decides what time to sit at the table. But if you want to eat out in a cafe, for example, better check their brunch hours for they are different in each establishment.

Traditional Brunch Menu

Again, if you eat your brunch at home, you can choose what to eat yourself, it can even be a toast with a cup of tea! Nevertheless, in a cafe or a restaurant, the brunch menu includes many more dishes, sometimes even more than one person can eat!
So what shall you be ready for when going for brunch?
  • Fat fried bacon
  • Fried sausages
  • Tomatoes fried in a pan with butter
  • Fried mushrooms (often champignons) 
  • Toasts with butter (again!)
  • White beans with tomato sauce
  • Fried eggs
Sounds like too much for one eater, doesn’t it? But it’s not over yet! Any brunch will include strong black tea with milk or cream and sugar, pancakes, jam, and honey. 
Of course, all that we have described above is a traditional English brunch. But many cafes and restaurants include other dishes to their brunch menus so it is possible to find less fat and still nutritious and healthy meal that fits your stomach better. There are even vegetarian brunches being served today!

Brunch Like a Lady

As long as we mentioned traditions, there are few rules that one shall follow when taking brunch in a cafe.
  • Different cafes have different brunch hours. Stick to that schedule if you don’t want to miss a meal.
  • The brunch menu is different from breakfast or main (dinner) menus. Never ask to bring you something that is not on the brunch dishes list.
  • If you are eating in a busy place, don’t stay too long as many other people also want to eat! As an option, ask for take-away service.
Bon appetit! 

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