5 Exterior Home Maintenance Chores For Your To-Do List

Keeping your home in tip-top shape is both a creative project and an important way to protect your investment. Exterior home maintenance chores aren’t always fun, but once they are complete, you’ll be glad of the results! To get you off to a sparkling start, here come five important chores for your checklist.

1 . Effective drainage

Your gutters play a key part in the effectiveness of your roof and its ability to protect your home. Without a properly functioning gutter, rainwater cannot be sufficiently drained away, which can cause damp and moisture issues throughout your house. Ensure that you clean your gutter regularly to remove debris and leaves. Doing so will make sure that there are no blockages that can overspill into your walls.

2. Roof wear and tear

Once your gutters are cleared, it’s time to give the rest of your roof a little TLC. First off, look for any missing shingles and get these replaced right away. You should also replace any shingles that are worn or damaged, as these faults will only worsen over time. Next up, replace the roof sealant if you need to, you’ll be able to tell where the sealant needs replacing with a good inspection of your roof. Lastly, be sure to trim any tree branches that hang over your roof. Falling leaves can easily clog the guttering, so trimming back the trees makes your roof maintenance that little bit easier. Be sure to hire a roofing company near you to repair damages to your roof. 

3. Windows and doors

Inspect the frames and timber regularly to look for any cracks. When moisture gets into your timber, it can cause rotting and further damage. If you have any drafts, use caulk to seal the gaps. When heat and energy escapes from your home, you’ll find that your bills will increase. If caulk isn’t effective, it may be time to invest in some upgrades. Triple glazed windows are a sound investment to protect your home and see a decrease in your bills.
Beyond this, if you feel that you often suffer from drafts throughout your home, it may be worth investing in new external and internal doors to ensure that as much heat as possible is retained within your home. If you do decide to replace your doors, why not go for steel frames? If you do so, you'll not only have aesthetically pleasing new doors that are sleek and modern, but they'll also be thermally broken, meaning that they will not conduct heat, keeping your home nice and toasty throughout the winter months. You can Learn More about the benefits of steel doors and windows for your property by researching providers like Black Badge. 

4. Fences and pathways

Perform regular maintenance work on your fences by checking for loose nails, breakage, and rot. You can usually replace one fence panel or two without needing to get a whole new fence. Be sure to keep vines and bushes clear of your fence, which can prevent an excess of moisture and damage from insects. To protect the wood, apply a fence stain, or paint every couple of months. For your pathways, you can clean these with a pressure washer to keep everything nice and clean.

5. Garage declutter

One of the jobs that we put off the most is decluttering the garage. You’ve likely got some items in storage that you no longer want or need. Box these up and take them to a thrift store or sell them online if possible. A cluttered home creates a feeling of lethargy and tension. When you free up some space and get things clean and organized, you’ll instantly have created a more homely space.

Keeping on top of your home maintenance chores will ensure that your home looks and feels great all year through.

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