Things I'm Learning During Covid 19 Quarantine

1. I spend a lot more time being present. This weekend my husband, daughter and I spent time coloring, making puzzles, playing games.    

2. I'm so grateful for technology. I think I just took it for granted in the past. But, how amazing is it that we can watch pretty much any TV show or movie we want from any time ever from the comfort of our own couch? Being stuck inside isn't all that bad.

3. My home is a filthy place. Seriously. I am so bored here we're doing deep, and I do mean DEEP clean.  Spring cleaning is now done.

4.Your mindset matters most. There are two kinds of people going through 'self isolation' right now. People who will sleep in all day, eat what they want and take a vacation from their health. And, then there are people who are going to use this time to become a better version of themselves. They'll eat right, exercise now that they have the time, etc. Your mindset matters. After all of this is over, come out of it being a better person.

5. I'm never going to complain about going to a family function again. Seriously, I don't care how far away it is, how unimportant the event is, etc. I'm not missing another family event again if I can help it.

6. A lot more time cooking- although last night we did support a local restaurant and got take out,( it was completely safe so hold the nasty comments) 

What are you learning during this season? 

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