Confessional Friday

Linking up with Leslie for Confessional Friday 

~Is it just me or was this a long but quick week all at the same it was long... but it is finally friday 

~Another snow storm this week, it is a winter wonderland out here but March is coming which means Spring is coming 
~ Worst mom of the year award right here... Brooke had a concert last night and we showed up 15 mins late because neither of read the email until we were on our way there and then we are late, I felt so bad.. but we took her to Subway to make up for it, LOL 

~I'm in the mood to do some spring shopping- but not sure if I will; I have a ton of clothes and shoes for spring, and summer 

~ Brooke is at a sleep over tonight so we are going on a date, we were going to double date with friends but they couldn't make it so we are just going as the two of us


  1. I hope your concert still went ok and your date is fabulous tonite!

  2. March is coming has been my mantra! Surely is will bring a mighty melting?

  3. Spring IS coming. I saw daffodils poking through the ground at my house. So that has to mean that it is going to warm up soon....right?

    And I agree with you! Somehow the longest and shortest week. Of all time. Kind of like February in general, right? It's short...but it drags...but then it's over.

    Great post!

  4. Have fun on your date!! :)

    As for the week finally ending...it felt like forever for Friday to arrive. I need the weekend to relax and catch up on some sleep. It's been a long and exhausting week.

  5. Hurrah for date time with the husband. I hope you have a great time out!

  6. You are absolutely not the worst mom! We all make mistakes like that. So glad that you had a date time and we too can't wait for spring!

  7. Spring is nowhere in sight for me, but I am still looking forward to March. Hope your date was awesome! I honestly don't know that I've ever made any of my kid's things on time, so that makes me the worst parent of the year!

  8. The snow looks so familiar! We got buried again today. I'm soooo over it!


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