Weekend Recap

Had a much better day then the day before and I felt much more ready to take on the day. 
I had invited some friends over for a ham dinner- served: Ham, mashed potato, maple glazed carrots, corn, bread rolls and gravy. Apple Pie and ice cream for dessert, it was really good especially for working all day :) 
Had a chat with Diane( co worker) til much to late and watched Grey's 

Slept in a bit, got some tea and began our day, we took a drive to a little town about 30 mins from here, the view was so nice

They have the electrical Dam there, I am into pictures of these types of things.
We also stopped at the Frostival, it was super cold but all kinds of activities, yummy good, a market type place

I wish this picture wasn't blurry, Brooke was so excited to get her picture taken with Olaf, Elsa and Anna 
Did some shopping, got a new book to read and a couple groceries 
Took a nap and watched Hockey and greys 

Didn't make it to church in the morning, the new medication had me in bed and too sick, I did relax most of the day but went to the PM service, after service went to Mcdonalds- why do I eat that at night, I'm not sure, but it was really good.

Have a great week, I have a busy one coming up. 

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