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Our next Guest Blogger is Marquis- (I love her name), I met her through Instagram and now her blog.  I love her love story, it reminds me of my own love story. Thank you so much for sharing with us. 
Without further adieu, here is her love story 
Kevin and I met in high school, so I guess technically, we are officially part of the <10% statistic. I was only a Sophomore and he was Senior, but we ended up in the same computer class {because the classes we previously signed up for were full}. We slowing began talking and one weekend we talked basically non-stop online. That Monday, I moved and sat next to Kevin in class {he was the shy type at first}. After a couple weeks of getting to know each other, and hanging out at soccer/basketball games, we went on our first date and became boyfriend-girlfriend that night {January 27, 2006}.

After 7 months of dating, Kevin moved to San Antonio to go to college and play baseball for UTSA. For the next two years, we had a long distance relationship {NO FUN}. But after two years of seeing each other for Christmas and Summer breaks and few times in between, we were REUNITED. When I graduated in 2008, I moved to San Antonio to go to college at UTSA.Pretty much at this point, we both new that actually living in the same city again would either make or break our relationship. And… we both had the time of our lives. College was the most amazing experience for us and we were extremely blessed. Kevin was a pitcher for UTSA Baseball and I was in the Honors College and loving every minute of school. We got engaged the summer before our Senior year of college and got married in July of 2011. 

God completely took us by surprise, neither of us was looking to fall in love, especially in high school, but we did. And no one was really expecting us to make it long distance for two years, but we did and it was so worth it.

Words cannot express how much I love him. We were absolutely made for each other. No one could love me like he does. All his strengths are my weaknesses and all my strengths are his weaknesses. He knows exactly how to make me smile and our house is filled with constant laughter and fun.

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  1. That's a sweet story. It's rare that people find their true loves in high school and can make it work for so long. Congratulations!!

  2. That is awesome, I love hearing true love stories.

  3. Nice to meet you Marquis and thank you for sharing your true love story!

  4. What a nice story, so refreshing to read in today's world of sad, unsuccessful relationships!


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