Our Love Story

Our love story begins when i was 13 and he was 14
Yes i knew that young…

My cousin invited me to go to a youth camp with her
i have seldom been away from my parents and this was several hours away
But they reluctantly let me go…

The first night of camp, i sat across from this cute guy and i asked him to "please pass the water", he did and smiled… 
Wow, in the instant i fell in love with him, YES at 13..
I told my cousin that i was marrying him and they laughed at me.. but I knew in my heart he was the one.

I went home and didn't speak more to him until Sept when i went to the mail box and there was a letter address to Terri Lynn White- so not my last name but i assumed they were looking for me…:p
This was a hand written letter from him, the first few years letters weren't anything more then pen pals and that was ok to he got my name straight as well, still tease him about that. 

3 year later he called me on the telephone( most of our relationship was long distance) , i was shocked and had no idea what to say.. besides the fact that everyone was home and i was on the only phone in the house.. i was mortified and scared, embarrassed
and there was a lot of silence, i thought for sure i wouldn't hear from him again. A few weeks later he called again, this time there wasn't as much silence, but still some.. hey, i was getting better. ( now he tells me he wants that silence back, haha)

several months before his high school graduation he asked me to be his girlfriend, the way he said it was so sweet though..  he said… Spring, when a young man's fancy, turns to love, Terri, will you be my girlfriend? I cried so hard, it was the sweetest thing ever heard. 

He invited me to go to his high school graduation, while at his high school graduation we went for a walk on some trail ( just the two of us, we seldom got alone- which is a good thing really) while on that trail he turned to me and said " do you know what i would like to do right now, i said i have no idea, he said come closer, i will show you, We then shared our first kiss…. he is so romantic. 

The next year i graduated high school and asked him to be my date (off course), we had a great time, the more i was with him, the more i loved him. 

I moved to where he lived for school, and while there i became so homesick that i came back home and went to school closer to my parents, a few days before i left he gave me flowers for my birthday, i remember the night before i left, he looked at me and i thought i had lost him forever, but thankfully i was wrong. 
It took me some time to get over what ever i was dealing with, and i went a while with no contact with him because had to make sure this was what i needed and wanted. I missed him so much during that time. 
I was very very thankful to have this amazing man in my life. 

When he graduated university, he came to visit me for 2 weeks, we had sun a great time, it was also during that time that my dad got him a full time job with the local ambulance serve ( not what he went to university for), he took the job to be close to me, 
January 2002 whir walking in a snow storm, he proposed to me, it was the most romantic thing ever, i cried again and couldn't believe it was actually true, i kept saying is this for real..

We got married May 4th ( next month will be 11 years)- we had a big wedding, and it was the best day of my life.

I love him more now then that first day i saw him, i fall more in love each moment I'm around him

We have one daughter and he is an awesome daddy to her. 

I am thankful to God that he brought me this man. 


  1. Yay! Let's show people some real love stories! I've been married 10 years! Loved it!

  2. Young love is so exciting. Established love is so rewarding. God is so good to give us the best of both worlds when we follow Him. Thanks for sharing your story!

  3. What a great love story. Glad you found such a great guy


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