Weekend Recap

I didn’t work much, I started having pain and went to the ER, I was there for a couple hours waiting to see a dr, then finally I got called back and Dr Luke’s came in, this was the worst man with a Dr in his title- he had no bed side manner, he was very rude to me over the fact that I needed his “assistance” for my pain, he told me to go home, take a tylenol and get a grip… it took me of guard and I was in pain and I really didn’t know what to say or do. 
Hubby took me on a date when I started feeling better, Brooke went to her first ever Youth Event, I am proud of my girl… but so hard to believe she is growing up. 
I was up til 4 am because I could not sleep, I had no pain but was wide awake, it gets frustrating .. 

I was awake by 9 am, I did try to sleep again. Made brunch for my family: eggs, toast, hash browns, bacon, french toast… then I laid down and had a 4 hour nap
We went in town later for some fresh veggies and fruit, Brooke also wanted to stop and get some Brown boots and she also decided she wanted black ones.. when did my child become a teenager… she bought her first pair with a little heel on them. 
We had some snack foods and watched hockey, I fell asleep really quick, I was wiped out 

Woke to a few cms of snow over night, the roads were not nice at all, but we made it safely to church, when we came home they were bare or almost bare… I am not a fan of highway travelling in the snow. 
After Sunday Night service, we went to Boston Pizza was our friends, it was nice. 

I am travelling all week again, so thankful for scheduled post :)

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