Marriage and Babies

As they say: 

First comes Love, then comes marriage, then comes baby in the carriage

But then what....

Everyone wants babies but not everyone realizes how hard babies are on their marriage if they don't make time for each other daily...

Here are some tips

Stay Connected 

Spending quality time with your partner before the baby arrives can put you on the right track.
Talk to Each Other

Parenthood is a major adjustment for both partners.

"The woman has to deal with all the physiological changes. The man has to adjust to feeling a loss of companionship. He now has to share the woman who has been by his side. ... His emotional and practical needs come in second or third, so he gets demoted."
Sex After Baby

How soon couples resume having sex depends on the mother's physical and emotional readiness. In the early months, men usually have their normal sex drive, but women may not, especially if they're breastfeeding.

the biggest threat to new parents' sex lives is usually exhaustion. "You'd rather go to sleep than have sex. So it's a combination of fatigue and changes in hormone levels."

Weekend Getaway

Even better than an evening off is a whole weekend to reconnect. Try to plan a getaway before your baby is old enough to experience separation anxiety, which usually develops around 8 months to 1 year. Even now, our baby is 11, we take nights away ever December ( for sure), we get nights thru out the year, as well. 

If you're breastfeeding, you can still manage a short trip -- just freeze a stash of breast milk to leave with your baby's caregiver and bring along a pump to prevent engorgement.

It is so important to spend time together every day, wait til the kids go to bed and eat dinner together, You will be able to be less stressed when that new precious baby comes in your lives. 


  1. I agree, especially with the getaway idea! But now with three kids, we don't have anyone that's willing to stay with them :( It's actually heartbreaking (they're good kids, I swear!).
    Hopefully we'll convince the in-laws soon!

  2. Weekend getaways and even a dinner alone can be an absolute lifesaver!


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