Answers to Questions you asked

  • Last week I asked you what are some things you wanted to ask me, I opened the blog up to you, here are the answers to those questions. 

  • What is your favorite type of coffee? :)
    ~ I love Vanilla bean coffee either from starbucks or a keurig that I can brew at home. I love drinking tea though, there was a while a couple months back that I needed a coffee, but because of my bladder disease I had to quit caffeine for a while, when I went back i decided to drink tea, I love tim hortons tea ( a coffee shop here in Canada that is popular, they are opening some int he US too from what I saw last summer

  • What helps you reset when the days get insane?
  • ~ I am the worst person to reset myself, I take on more and more jobs and wear myself thin, shed some tears, cry on my hubby's shoulder and pray, I pray for peace and comfort to get thru the day.  Most days I do not reset until work is over for the day, then I make dinner for the family, tidy the kitchen and take a hot bath, then get in my pi's and watch some mindless tv. 

    What are your favorite ways to relax? 
  • ~ I love to write, I write when i am stressed, I write when I am relaxed, I just find getting my thoughts out on paper helps me relax especially if I am stressed over one thing in particular, I talk to my hubby, my brother, or my best friend, I love to read as well, give me a good book and I am a happy girl 

  • How long have you been blogging?
    ~I started when I was about 16 with Xanga- my hubby and I blogged together, then I got married and had a baby and my life got busy so I stopped for awhile, then I blogged secretly and no one knew about it. I opened this blog 3 years ago when we moved to a new Province( State) so my family could get an update on Brooke.. I love blogging, I love the family that you get from it, we are a big happy family. 

  • What is your favorite thing to do with your family?
  • ~ We love to try out restaurants, we go on walks int he park especially in the fall, we watch movies, we love to hang out together and do nothing much.  We love road trips, playing games just being together 

  • What is your favorite thing to write about?
  • ~When I first started I had no idea what I would write about besides Brooke and our new life here, but the more I wrote, I felt it was super boring, I got no comments, no feed back, nothing.. so I started writing Wednesdays for Women- a devotional for women, that was a huge hit, then a friend suggested I write some marriage posts, the more I write the more people emailed and asked if I could write on certain things, this is how I realize my niche was marriage and family. 
  • I love writing about marriage, I have the best man in the world and I want other ladies to feel this same way and if something I write can help them, then I am so happy. 
  • That was a long answer :) 
What is a typical Day Like?
My alarm goes off at 9:30 am, I make tea and breakfast which consists of toasts or cold cereal. 
I work for 10 am, I work at home so I just work in my pi's. 
Work for 2 hours, take a break, work another 2 hours and take an hour lunch which includes starting dinner or a nap. 
Work til 5 when my family gets home and take last break so I can eat with my family. 
I work til 7- then once I am off... I take a bubble bath and get in my pi's and hang out with my family or watch some mindless tv, other nights if I have errands to run, I do them when I am off at 7. 
Go to bed around 11:30- midnight. 


  1. This is great! I love the idea, your family activities are right up my ally :)

  2. What a great way to let your readers get to know you better! :)

  3. So much fun! I'm looking forward to going on longer road trips with the family-and to have movie night for that matter! My youngest is 18mo so he doesn't make it through a movie yet. Such a fun post!

  4. Thanks for sharing! It was fun getting to know you better. I'll have to check out your Wednesday devotional.

  5. We were just in Toronto and had breakfast at Tim Horton's, because everyone said we had to while we were in Canada. I had the coffee though. Next time I'll try the tea!

  6. That's so awesome that you took the time to answer these! Thank you for letting us get to know you a little better!

  7. Love this! What an awesome way to connect with people.

  8. This is such a great idea! We have similar tastes…right down to Timmy's!! oh how I miss Timmy's…(and Harvey's, but don't tell anyone it's always the first stop I make when I go home!)

  9. I too am working on resetting when the day seems to get the best of me. And so glad that you have found your niche in family and marriage writing.


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