Weekend Recap

Worked til 7- have I said I don’t like working from 10-7, do not like it at all. 
My friend and I went for Chinese buffet, then we wanted to go see a movie but when we got to the theatre, there was nothing playing that sounded good without being scary and I do not do scary movies. 
We walked around, went to Yeh ( frozen yogurt bar), it was so delicious, I had mango and cake batter flavour, the mango felt like summer, we then went to the book store and looked at notebooks for a long time, we both love notebooks, so it was a good time. 
We got home around 10:45, it was such a great night with a great friend. We are “new” friends, she moved here last April after going thru a bad divorce, I like her so much and we are making plans to hang out again. 

Wide awake at 8 am, I tried reading, watching some mindless TV, browsing instagram etc, but I could not go back to sleep. 
We then decided around 12:30 to head into town for some lunch and errands.. went to Costco, then went to the mall food court for Taco Bell, got some groceries at walmart, went to Canadian Tire after that, hubby got me a toaster, it is so pretty, I get so excited over appliance stuff.. went to Target- they are closing all their stores in Canada but they still only have 15-25% off, still not a big savings yet.. I am not a fan of Target, it isn’t the same as it is in US.. I know a lot of you love Target….
Took a nap when we got home, hubby did too because his back is still hurting but it is coming around.. I made chicken nachos for dinner while we watched hockey. 

I had a rough night Saturday night with pain so I stayed home sunday morning from church, slept the day pretty well thru, I did wake up and made a nice salad for lunch and then layer back on the couch and relaxed, watched some hockey and just did nothing, took a shower around 4 and got ready for church. 
 {Why does she look 16}

After church we all went out for nachos at Jungle Jim's, it was nice to hang out with some of the youth. 
Other then that, weekend was low key over here 

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