Review: Unveiled Wife- Jennifer Smith

Embracing Intimacy with God and your husband 

When I went to the mail box and saw this book, I ran home, I could not wait to start reading, I was into another book and wanted to finish it first, I started reading this book and then I couldn't put it down, I read it within 2 hours. 

She shared her entire life in this book, when I first came across the blog, I was thinking she was this perfect wife and nothing would ever go wrong in her life, then I read her book.... 
then you realize this person is like the rest of us, she had problems in her marriage just like many of us had or has. 

She shared her struggle with intimacy, she shared the raw and real details of her struggles and then to get to the end of the book and realize that it was all from her face wash. 
This is a book that every woman needs to read, when you do face problems do not give up, keep pressing on, it will get better. 

Thank you Jennifer for allowing me to review this book. 

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