Weekend Recap

Worked til 5 pm, was exhausted when I got home , took a hot shower ( amazing how a shower makes you feel human again) , took an hour nap- fell asleep with towel on my hair( not a good idea), hubby dropped Brooke off to our Youth Leader, they were going to another city about 45 minutes away for a youth lock in... She would be home noon on Saturday  ( why is she all grown up already?) 
Hubby joined me for a nap, I was up before him though and I caught up on Grey's ! 
We had a dinner reservation for 7:30 at Montana's, I had ribs and wing combo, oh my lanta- they were delicious 
Came home, hubby made me put my feet up and relax, I had a busy week and seldom relax, in fact I don't know if I ever fully relax, I sit for a bit and then get up to clean because I hate a messy house.... In fact a messy house causes anxiety for me, anyone else? 

Cleaned again, talked to my mom and friend while drinking morning tea 
Picked Brooke up around 12:30, she had a drama practice so hubby and I went shopping 
And he wanted to get hot sauce , loves his hot n spicy food. 
I took a nap when I got groceries packed away, then we had taco night, hubby had to leave shortly after for a meeting, so Brooke and I had a movie night with chips, pop corn and chocolate, we watched Dolphin tale II, it was a fun night with my baby girl. 

We went to sunday service, cooked a nice ham dinner and had Moses over for some lunch, I also made a carrot cake, it was all so good, after sunday PM service we went out for Mcdonald's with some friends. 


  1. You feel asleep with the towel on your head?! Been there, done that, lol! I can't wait until my kids are old enough that I can watch an entire movie with them ;-)

  2. We also made carrot cake yesterday...not me, my aunt. :) It was delicious. One of my favourites.

    Dolphin Tale 2 was sweet. I watched it with my kids from school.

  3. sounds like your a busy momma! keep up the good work!

  4. I loved Dolphin Tail 2! Glad you enjoyed your weekend - I know what you mean about relaxing versus cleaning!


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