Weekend Recap

I did not work Friday or the day before that and the afternoon before that, been off for 2.5 days and it feels so good. More details coming as to why later :) No, I am not sick 
Thursday I went and had my hair done, here ya go- I am curly curly 

We went out with my friend Cristie, she worked til 6:30, {she is a nurse}, we went out for chinese food, hubby and Brooke went out as well, they have been sick and finally coming around. They came on home after we ate, her and I went out for frozen yogurt and then came back here for chats, it was a nice night. 

A very early morning for us- Brooke had the District Science Fair for 8 am//I may have gone back to bed, but I would never admit that ;) 
We left the house around 11 to drive to the next town over to pick up my prescription, then we came back to a grocery store, I wanted to pick up a dessert and a fresh turkey- sometimes I get in a craving for turkey dinner.  We then went to Super walmart and got some groceries. 

After that we went to see my girlie at her science fair 
They didn't come in 1, 2 or 3 but it was a great experience for her.  
After that, Daddy decided his girly needed a better cell phone, she got one back in July but she wasn't t happy with it, I tried to persuade her to do an iPhone but she is an android girl like her daddy so I best get out of the way and keep my apple products to myself :p 
Hubby made a delicious dinner for us: 
Pad Thai noodles with shrimp, I couldn't get enough of it. 

Woke to a blizzard, I know it is almost the first day of spring and we are getting up to 30 cms of snow, I am tired of winter but today has been great for blogging and for reading, off course for drinking tea. 

Have a great week sweet friends 


  1. I love pad thai..especially with shrimp! You read my mind...I've been thinking of making some seafood pad thai this week!

  2. Hubby's the Apple fan in our house. ;) My son is a big pad thai fan, I haven't given it a whirl yet. :) Your curls are purty! :)


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