Wife Talk- Ways to Out serve your husband

  • Make his coffee in the morning and have it hot and ready for him on his way out the door.
  • Cook his favorite meal and have his favorite dessert waiting on him shortly after dinner.
  • If he's a dad, give him a "duty-free" night from the kids. You clean 'em up after dinner, get them ready for bed, and put them in bed.
  • Pray for him. It's something he won't physically see you do, but if you pray for strength, joy, and favor for him throughout his work day, he'll have a better day at work!
  • He has to have a favorite outfit he likes to see you wear. Have it on when he gets home. 
  • Put gas in his vehicle for him. This is especially nice in the cold season!
  • If he has "husband chores" then surprise him and do them for him. (trash, mowing, etc...)
  • Don't nag.
  • Organize his closet or his dresser drawers. 
  • Let him pick the t.v. show/movie to watch.
  • Take his vehicle through the car wash before you head home. 
  • When you see him pulling into the drive way, get him a hot shower/bath ready so he can jump right in when he walks through the door
  • Let him sleep in one morning...even if it means you have to get the kids and leave the house for an hour.
  •  You know what he likes in the bedroom. Do it.
  • Plan a date. (it's not always up to the guy...) 
  • Surprise him with his favorite snack/drink at work. 
  • Buy him a small "thinking of you" gift.
  • Most importantly, use your imagination. You know your husband best. You know his likes/dislikes. What relaxes him/what irritates him. Write a personal list of your own ideas and keep it in your pocket on the day(s) you decide you want to out-serve your husband. 
 What are some things you do for your husband? 


  1. It's always about the little things, isn't it? What they really say is he matters, and you care!

  2. It's nice to remember we should spoil our husband's. :)

  3. Great ideas!! Need to make sure I do these frequently!

  4. I've always tried to do things without being asked, like little things that help the entire family out really. If Mom and Dad are happy, everybody is happy!

  5. Great list. I read somewhere this awesome story about someone talking about how a husband showed his wife he loved her by doing acts like these. And the person expected the response to be "I wish I was loved like that" but the response they got was "I hope I can love like that".

    Love it definitely in the giving. :)


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