Weekend Recap

I didn't work so I did some retail therapy, wanted to get  my nails done but couldn't get an appointment. All I did was a eye brow waxing, it felt good to do that little thing for me, I also bought a shirt and a birthday present for our sweet 4 year old niece. We had her birthday party at 5 m, so I met Andrew and Brooke at Pizza delight, I didn't take a lot of pictures ( just one in fact) I took them both of guard 

We are so proud to celebrate this beautiful 4 year old 

We came home and just chilled and did nothing really. 

We had a sleigh ride at 12 noon, it was the perfect temperature 
Our youth leader and pastors kids 

Brooke and pastors kids 

Brooke and Ginnie 

Just a fun picture 

Me and my girl 

Brooke had a drama practice at 1 pm, so we took her there and then we went in town to do some shopping... 
I came home and took a nap, made us dinner Nachos and wings, and watched hockey, it was a great family time. 

Went to sunday morning service and sunday Pm service.... 
we had a birthday party for our Pastor and our assistant pastor after sunday pm service. I love my church family, they are such a great group. Makes everyone feel welcome and loved. 

Have a great week my friends. 

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  1. Whereabouts do you live? I can't believe you still have snow....ours is all melted thankfully!


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