6 natural remedies for chronic neck pain

If I did a quick survey of everyone reading this and asked if you had any neck pain, you’d be surprised at the results. Most people suffer from chronic neck pain in this day and age, with many having it more severely than others. Whether it’s a constant stiff neck or full-blown arthritis, neck pain can be very frustrating. As a result, you’ve probably spent a lot of time looking for quick remedies to help you discover how to get help with neck and back pain
For most of you, this might include taking pain medication or applying hot rubs or sprays to your neck. You probably find this doesn’t offer a permanent solution, nor are these options ‘natural’.  Well, I have suffered with a bad neck pain for a very long time and I saw a chiropractor but nothing helped me. That is until I was checking out The New York Observer online and I came across the THC gummies. I have heard so many great results, and then I read that you can buy them online and they come shipped right to your house... what more could we want, right?!  When I tried them, I felt relief almost within 15 minutes and now, when I feel the slightest hinge of pain, I take one and it goes away. 

To completely get rid of your neck pain, and live a much healthier and pain-free life, you need to pursue some natural ideas. In this piece, I’ll take you on a journey through all the best ways you can heal your neck for good, without taking medication or using anything unnatural. Have a read of my ideas below, and please feel free to let me know if they worked for you!


Yoga is a fantastic discipline to help you stay whole and mindful. Many people think of it as exercise, but it’s much more than that. Yes, yoga can help keep you fit, but it will help your body stay nimble and balanced. The whole aim of yoga is to focus on breathing, which can help improve your circulation and central nervous system. As a result, you should see less muscle soreness. But, yoga also enables you to improve your flexibility and get rid of muscle imbalances. You can do specific yoga sequence for neck pain that targets the muscles in that area and gets the right ones firing and stretched out. This prevents your neck from being under unnecessary strain and will heal pain forever. People with arthritis are often advised to do this, and they see dramatic improvements in their neck health.


Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese healing technique that’s been around for centuries. Nowadays, it’s made it into western cultures, and we see it quite often. Many chiropractors and osteopaths will use it as part of their treatment plans. There is a wealth of acupuncture benefits that make it an excellent remedy for your neck pain. The whole aim is to prick your skin with specially designed pins that call on your body’s natural mechanisms. Blood rushes to the pricked areas, which can help improve circulation and get rid of your stiff neck. The muscles in your neck that were once tight will be nice and relaxed for once. After just a few sessions your neck can be completely healed. It’s definitely worth a try if you’ve not had a lot of success with other pain management therapies.


Anyone that’s ever had any muscle pains will know that swimming is a wonderfully natural way of getting rid of any uncomfortable feelings. There’s a combination of things involved in swimming that make it fantastic for bad necks. For one, a lot of swimming strokes get you moving your neck in different motions. This helps reduce inflammation by oiling up your neck - so to speak! By moving your neck around slowly, you begin to loosen the joint and help ease everything up. Plus, swimming in warm water acts in the same way as those heat rubs or packs you might apply. It makes your neck nice and warm which, again, helps improve circulation. If you haven’t guessed by now, this is a great way of relieving pain. The more blood you have flowing through the area, the less chance there is of tight and sore muscles.

Chiropractic Adjustments

I briefly mentioned chiropractors before when talking about acupuncture. Well, they can be a great friend for anyone with neck pain. One of the main things they do is something called an adjustment. This is where they take your neck and click it back into its proper alignment. For some people, all it takes is one of these adjustments to completely cure their chronic pain. For others, you may need a few appointments before everything finally falls into place and you’re free from pain for good. Chiropractors primarily exist in order for you to get help with neck and back pain, if you have headaches stemming from such issues however, they can also help to locate the cause of these as often it is all linked together in your spine. They may also want to look into issues with your walking gait or do adjustments on your legs and around your hips, small misalignments in the way you walk can have an impact on your spine, which then affects the neck, potentially causing nerve pain or excessive tightness as your body tries to counteract the imbalance. A good quality practice will have experience in dealing with similar issues if it's not completely straightforward, so don't worry if you're not seeing immediate results, as previously mentioned - it may take a few appointments to get everything back into the right place. 

Less Phone Time

You may be wondering how less phone time is a natural remedy for neck pain, so allow me to explain. When we use our smartphones, we tend to hold them in our hands and look down at the screen. Doing this seems fairly normal, but it puts a great deal of strain on your neck. It can get quite technical trying to explain how this hurts your neck so I won’t go into too much detail here. All I’ll say is that the further forward your head is, the more strain it puts on your neck muscles. So, if you’re constantly looking down at your phone, then you’re really hurting your neck. By reducing your phone time, or looking at it differently and being more conscious of your neck positioning, you will greatly reduce the pressure on it and be in less pain.


Finally, we have something of a controversial remedy in cupping. I say controversial purely because there’s no hardcore evidence to support it yet. No one has done any clinical trials, yet it’s something that’s used by lots of professional athletes. Those of you that tuned into the Olympics in 2016 might remember Michael Phelps had these weird marks on his body. Well, it turned out this was from cupping - a technique that involves suction cups over painful areas of your body. The idea here is that the suction cups help drive more blood to the area. In doing so, more white blood cells are present to fight off pain and inflammation. In theory, this should leave you in less pain. It’s an idea many medical professionals recommend despite the lack of studies around it. I’m not saying you definitely should do it, but it’s a good idea if nothing else is working and you want to try something new.

I sincerely hope this helps all of you out there suffering from chronic neck pain. I know from experience it can be a very uncomfortable thing to go through, and it’s hardly any good for your health. Let me know if these remedies work, and feel free to contribute any of your own as well.

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