Weird Reasons You May Fall In Love Soon

Love is the most romantic of all the emotions. So, it’s not appealing when you think of it from a 
psychological point of view. The human brain, to some, is not at all passionate, tender or lovey-dovey.
 But, you can’t deny the reaction in the most important organ in the body when you meet The One.
 As the chemicals align, so does your past, present and future. However, what causes the brain to 
react in such a way and change the course of your life? The answers may not be what you want or 
expect to hear. Nonetheless, they are pretty entertaining!

Here are the weird reasons you may fall in love.

You’re Alike

The adage that opposites attract isn’t as truthful as people like to imagine. In reality, you are more
 likely to be drawn to someone who reminds you of yourself. As vain as it sounds, people prefer 
those with whom they have a mutual bond and connection. A polar opposite might make for fire and
 fury, but what happens when the passion runs low? Plus, it’s tiresome to argue and disagree 
one-hundred percent of the time. It’s much better to agree to see yourself in a potential love interest.

They’re Like Your Parents

Sorry, but it seems as if Freud was right. Experts at St Andrew’s University in Scotland found that men
 and women have preferences for their folks. For example, the guys’ fondness for attractiveness linked 
to their mother’s age, while the girls preferred distinguished gentlemen. Don’t worry because it doesn’t 
mean you have a crush on your mom or dad! What it does suggest is that there are qualities which 
you find comforting and relaxing. As a result, they are admirable qualities in love interests. 
Maybe it would be better if opposites did attract?!

Star Sign

Not everyone takes astrology seriously, but some people believe there is love in the stars. If you are 
one of them, AstroStyle is a site to bookmark in your favourites. As a dedicated astrology platform, 
they have all the info on horoscopes and how they apply to individuals. With a quick click, you can find 
out what the stars have in store for you this week, month or year. Of course, the process isn’t foolproof
 according to the Huffington Post, which is why you shouldn’t take it as gospel. Still, it’s a nice way to 
boost your relationship status.

Their Hands Are Warm

Psychologists did a study which asked people with warm and cold drinks in their hands to rate a 
person’s personality. The ones with coffee gave top ratings whereas the ones with ice-tea went low.
 The reason? The answer is to do with the brain and how it operates. “Warming” it up, as in making it
 think a particular way, can increase your chances of love. Because the people with warm drinks were 
already primed, they opted for positive comments. The next date you go on, then, might want to avoid
 the cold beverages completely!

What do you think about the points above? Are they genuine or hocus pocus?

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