Three life saving decoration tools you probably never heard off

If you are not in the trade, knowing which tools to use to decorate your home can be tricky (image: https://www.pexels.com/photo/tools-wrenches-toolbox-12598/)

You have finally decided to turn your home around and unlike in previous years, you have opted for doing this yourself rather than employing a handyman to carry out the task. Whilst you might be familiar with some of the tools that are needed to get the job up to standards, others might be completely alien to you.

We have prepared a guide for you to familiarise yourself with tools that will be useful and you might not have necessarily heard of before.

Dust Sheet

The name clearly describes what this tool is for and even if it’s common sense that a decorating worker would use one of these to protect furniture from getting stained and dusty, you might not think there is an actual tool that serves this exclusive purpose. Before you start painting those walls and ceilings, you should invest in one of these, as a dust sheet will protect floors and furniture and keep your DIY mess to a minimum. Trust us, even if you are a master with the brush, paint has the ability to get anywhere. Get yourself a dust sheet here!

Glue Gun

A glue gun is a very useful tool when it comes to sticking materials together. Unlike other adhesives, the glue gun is clean, fast and effective and it can help you glue materials like wood and plastic together. It is, therefore, a must-have tool if you wish to perform minor indoor repair jobs like securing loose panelling or adding pieces of fabric or decoration objects to cushions and other furnishings. You can also create decorative signs with the glue gun, and it is extremely easy to use. Simply load the gun with the glue sticks, plug it into an electric socket and turn it on in order for the glue to warm up. Once the glue is hot, you can start applying it to the surfaces that need gluing. Have a look at one of these cordless and battery powered glue guns.

Masking Tape

Another important tool to use when decorating your home is masking tape. Like the dust sheet, this is also used before carrying out any painting jobs and its purpose lies in masking off areas that shouldn’t be painted. Masking tape comes in a variety of widths and is easy to tear off once the painting job has been finalised. Before anything else, clean any surfaces to which you intend to apply the masking tape. Afterwards, secure this as close to the edge of the area to be painted as possible. For further tips on how to work with masking tape, visit this website.

Whilst there are many more out there, the above are some of the most important decoration tools you will need when attempting to do your own DIY. Whether you are painting interiors, carrying out minor repairs, or designing your own items of decoration, the listed tools are a good starting point in your home improvement journey. Good luck!

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