Time to Declutter, Repurpose and Make Better Choices

New year new you, right? Now that we have settled into January, I am ready to tackle some of my 2018 goals starting with decluttering my wardrobe! Here are some of my tips on how to decide what to keep, toss, donate and even purchase!

Tip one: Choose favorites and organize

Don’t feel guilty about keeping your favorite items. Your clothes aren’t your kids, so you’re allowed and encouraged to pick faves. If you wear them often and they are in good condition, keep them!

But this is also the perfect opportunity to organize them properly. Personally, I like to organize my clothes by season first (sweaters, blouses, tees, tanks, dresses, etc.). Then I like to try and color coordinate. When I get dressed in the morning, I usually know what color I’d like to wear so this makes my search much easier!

Tip two: Toss, donate or repurpose?

Donating your clothes can be a great option. You get to declutter, and it gives you the satisfaction of giving back to the community. But first, it’s important that you take a look at the quality of the clothing; if items have holes in them or massive stains, it may be best to toss or up-cycle these items.

I came across some fun and crafty ways to repurpose your old or damaged clothing at Good Housekeeping. You can take that old t-shirt and make a produce bag or take that old stretched out sweater and make a pillow. There are so many different ways to reuse items you already have! Not only is this practical and will help save you money, but it’s also making better choices for the environment.

Tip three: Make ethical and sustainable clothing choices

In the past, I never really paid attention to where my clothes came from and what they were made out of. One of my goals in 2018 is to take a more mindful approach when purchasing new items. Cotton actually leaves an environmental footprint if it is manufactured conventionally. Organic cotton however, is much better for the environment.

When purchasing clothing, look for certifications like the Organic Exchange. A couple of my favorite companies with organic certifications are:
1. Pact - a popular organic clothing company for men, women and children. Many of their items are perfect for creating a capsule wardrobe.
2. Fair Indigo- another organic and sustainable clothing option. They too pride themselves in fashion being done right.

Part of decluttering your wardrobe is finding ways to create a more sustainable lifestyle. By making better choices not only will our closets benefit, but so will our environment.  

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