What my mom didn't teach me- Motherhood

Being a mother is truly one of the greatest blessings. Every mom will willingly say that there is no greater joy in the world than feeling her baby kick for the first time, holding her little one for the first time, feeling those full-body hugs on a constant basis and hearing her little ones say, “I love you.”
There’s nothing that compares to the pride a mom feels when she sees her baby take his first steps when she sees her little one ride her bike for the first time or watching as her child starts to master the art of reading.
While being a mother is certainly a blessing beyond compare, there is also a lot of pain and suffering that comes with the role. Seeing my child get a boo-boo, the heartache that comes with a first breakup and not being able to do anything about it, or even realizing that the freedom that she had to go to the grocery store or take a hot shower without having to worry about her child are all difficult things for moms to cope with.
When I was pregnant with my daughter, my mother told me, “Being a mother is the hardest job we will ever love.” At the time, I didn’t realize how profound and wise her statement was, but now, as the mother of a 14-year-old, I realize that statement is the truest thing I have ever heard.
Since becoming a mother, I have learned that there are so many things that my mom didn’t tell me, but that statement she made perfectly sums all of it up. As a mom, here’s a look at some of the things that I have learned along the way that my mom – nor anyone else – ever told me.
A Learning Curve Doesn’t Exist
I do remember a lot of women telling me that there is a learning curve to mothering. To that, I say – HA!
There really isn’t a learning curve when it comes to being a mom. In fact, if the progress of being a mother, it would just continue to go up. By the time a woman masters the art of late night feedings, they’re over. All of those recipes for baby food become obsolete when the baby starts eating off mom’s plate anyway. All of those potty training tips are a distant memory once that toddler graduates into wearing big-kid underwear.
The net result: Moms never really feel like they are quite on top of things.

The Love Is Unimaginable

There really is no love in the world greater than the love a mama feels for her baby. None at all.
My mom always told me that I would never understand how much she loved me until I became a mom myself. And guess what? – She was absolutely right! Sure, I know that my mom loved me more than anything in the world, but I never realized how much she really loved me, and how all-encompassing and overpowering that love was – until I held my daughter.
As soon as a mama holds her baby for the first time, she’s a goner. Her heart is literally stolen and her breath is taken away. It’s a love like no other, and there really isn’t any way to explain how powerful, moving, motivating and ever-lasting that love is. No matter what her child does, successes and failures, a mom will love her baby with every inch of her, until her dying day, and beyond.

The Days Are Long, But The Years Are Short
Everyone always says that moms should enjoy the moment before the moment is gone, or that they will be amazed by how quickly their little ones grow.
Before becoming a mom, I didn’t get this at all. I mean, how quickly could time actually go? Now that I am a mother, I realize why my own mom told me that she still saw me as a school girl in pigtails.

Mom’s Plate’s Not Just Full, It’s Running Over

Before I became a parent, there were definitely times when I had a lot on my agenda. Work, deadlines, errands to run, appointments that need to be kept; however, the type of businesses I experienced pales in comparison to how busy I am as a parent.
Add diaper changes, baths, planning activities, planning meals (that they’ll actually eat,) breaking up arguments, washing double the laundry, grocery shopping two to three times a week (sometimes more) to feed my hungry brood, play dates, school drop-off, and pick-up, extracurricular activities… The list goes on and on… to the agenda that was mentioned above, and yep; my plate not only full; it’s overflowing!
However, despite how overloaded my plate may be, I am extremely grateful for the mound that seems to be pouring off of it. There is nothing I would change. I just remind myself: One day at a time; one day at a time.

Relationships Change

It’s crazy how much having children changes the relationships in your life. Friends that were once best buds and you saw on an almost nightly basis seem to all but disappear, and there’s an even stronger bond in the relationship with parents, siblings and other people who played a big role in a new parent’s childhood.
When I was pregnant with my child, I swore that my relationships with my friends weren’t going to change. I just thought that there would be this extra little being for us to dote on and adore. However, in actuality, that was the furthest thing from the truth.
Do note that relationships will change, and that’s not always a bad thing. Make time for date nights with your husband and girlfriends even if it is after the baby is asleep, stay at home dates can be fun as well. 
“Being a mother is the hardest job we will ever love.” 

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