Date night on a budget

Who said romance is dead? More like romance is rather expensive. Going on a date can set us back at least $100 when we look at everything involved in the perfect date.

First of all you might get a taxi to a restaurant, order some fine wine, eat you 3 courses and then after that you might go dancing or take a taxi home. It’s a costly affair and is not always realistic for those in long term relationship or who are paying for a house together.

But romance isn’t dead, you can still enjoy the magic of a romantic date without spending a pretty penny at a fancy restaurant, and in fact, this date will be even more romantic.

A day trip

Start off you day together by waking up and making pancakes together or your favourite breakfast. Take the morning slow and enjoy each others company. Once you are ready you can go out for the day to the beach, to a park or even in the mountains. You’ll be away from the hustle and bustle of the city and you can focus on spending time in each other’s company. Do whatever you need your partner love most, maybe visit the place you spent your first day tigger, or somewhere which reminds you of a happy time. It is important to make this part of the day unique to you and the one you love.

Make a meal

Rather than going out to a restaurant, a fun way to spend your evening is to get messy in the kitchen as a couple. If one of you already does the cooking, this is the perfect opportunity to teach your partner the ropes and get them to help you out more in the kitchen.

A simple dish to cook together which will also be fun is pizza. You can make your own dough if you like, but to be honest buying the packet stuff is just as good. Make a sauce, choose your toppings and get them baked.

Once you’ve got your food, crack open a bottle of wine and sit at your table with some lovely candles and music in the background. It will be like having a meal out but without all the fuss and the public. Enjoy laughing, joking and talking to each other.

A cosy evening

The day out was a success, you cooked a killer meal… now it’s time to relax. You can both get a romantic bath together or share a shower, because why not? And then get into your comfiest clothes, cuddle up on the sofa with some snacks and put on your favourite movie. Drink a little bit more wine if you fancy, and then get yourselves up to bed for the night, the perfect date sorted.

The point is that just because money is tight doesn’t mean your relationship needs to suffer. You can still make a great date and spend time together at home and on a budget too. 

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